Episode 1 – It begins

“One house

Screenshot Screenshot-2

Two bathrooms


One playroom


One kitchen


One huge bedroom


One bachelorette throne

And 12 bachelorettes


Hazel, Luna, Elise


Corbin, Bridgette, Destiny


Kylie, Nikita, Vickie


Niamh, Canary and Isa.

And then there is I, your host!”


“Blams felt bad for not giving me enough (see none at all) screen time in Light the Way to Heaven, so I get to host this party! A party to determine who will be the lucky lady who will get to sit in the Bachelorette Throne!”


“The Bachelor himself is absent today – he’s needed on the Light the way to Heaven set. Which is perfect. Just us thirteen and the rules.

This challenge is rather simple, follow the rules and you’ll be fine. Everything you do will be noted down in the form of points. The girl with the most points wins.

So, if you wet yourself, pass out, insult me, flirt with me, cause a fire or die, you will most definitely lose points. I’m sure you can understand why. It’s not what our bachelor is looking for in a lady.”


“Every day will begin with a bonding moment. Our bachelor will come visit you and it’ll be the time to build those relationship points, which of course will be critical to your victory. In the afternoon there will be either a Challenge, Social Event or Tournament. All of which are opportunities to gain points.

After every afternoon event, there will be an elimination the next day at 12, after the beforenoon bonding time. You have until then to appeal to the viewers to rack in some extra points for the voting poll.”


“There will be no challenge today ladies. Take today to get to know who your rivals are and to get acquainted with your new home. Try not to start losing points too soon. I’ll just be over here if you need me.”



“Er well okay. I’ll just go read a book then. You guys stay there and just…sit I guess. >_>”


Hazel: If no one else does guess I’ll make the first step.

Elise: I like the deco


Destiny : Looks like all the final contestants are standing up.

Nikita: Don’t get ahead of yourself. We just don’t want to start cheering over the rug like you three.


Niamh: Rugs? Bah, doors are what’s cool! Ooh I like the fact that this frame is missing a door!


Luna: Ahh! An arcade machine! Yas!! I’m going to love it here!


Hazel: Kylie, Kylie come here – ignore my hat piercing your skull – I have a secret to tell you. I’ll probably win.

Kylie: 😡

Destiny: Haha good one


Luna: T_T

Destiny: Ooh I love this gimmick! I used to have this game at home you know.

Luna: I was fine with the arcade on my own.


Bridgette&Elise: *make funny faces at each other*

Kylie: I already have a negative relationship with you.

Hazel: I thought you were going to like that secret.


Vickie: Sooo where do you come from?

Luna: It’s not that I don’t like people – I was just REALLY fine here alone.


Niamh: Ahhhhh sinks everywhere! And nobody’s checking them! They’re going to have thank me for saving them later.


Elise: Watch this! *noms dirt*

Bridgette: I…where did you get the dirt from!?

Elise: Pwot of pwant


Isa: Don’t mind me, I’ll just watch tv. Standing up.

“Sounds good.”


Niamh: I just saved your asses. You guys owe me.

Corbin: Thanks. I guess?

Kylie: Good thing you were here Niamh.

Hazel: When did I get kicked out of the conversation.


Corbin: I should work out. I bet you there’s going to be some kind of physical challenge.

Hazel: And I’ll work on a few spells. There weren’t any rules against using magic 😉


Bridgette: There are way too many people in this tiny space! Starting with Isa who’s blocking the bookcase!

Canary: Look Vickie! I’m so good at this game! Ah yeah!

Vickie: I can’t decide – should I start another book? That last story was fascinating.


Corbin: Who closed the lights

Destiny: They were three on the bridge, three vampires, all of which could easily be called a murderer…

Hazel: Ah but that one vampire isn’t as bad as the others!

Elise: Yeah! He’ll come out of this alive right??

Isa: Obviously, he’s the most powerful!

Niamh: Why can’t anyone scoot over, this isn’t fair.

Luna: So is anyone taking care of lunch?


Hazel: I just don’t understand why they cut me out of the conversation before!

Elise: I don’t know! Why are you yelling at me??

Hazel: Cause you’re the nearest person around!

Elise: *rolls eyes*


He cradled her in his arms, but it was already too late, she’d lost too much blood”

Isa: Wow did that really happen host?

“Well I guess technically it hasn’t yet.”


Kylie: I can just imagine sitting in that throne…it’s my color too.


Canary: Woah woah girl. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here!

Kylie: I wasn’t doing anything!

Canary: I think you should step away from the throne.


“Yeah I’d take care of your needs guys. We’re not helping you out, and whatever happens, you guys are going to be here tomorrow at 8am. It’d suck to wet yourself in front of everyone.”

Luna: I’m calling the bathroom!


“I hope that’s not me you’re pointing at.”

Canary: I’m just practicing for when we meet the man tomorrow!


Bridgette: Ahh no! I was going to pee, but then everyone was going and then I forgot and AHH

“Someone’s already lost points!”


“Elise, not you too!”

Elise: But I made food for everyone! This isn’t fair 😦


Destiny: Staying up past midnight – those girls are going to be tiiirreeed tomorrow! But not me 🙂


Corbin: ENOUGH! I was here first! I get the salad first!

Kylie&Niamh: Oh god

Vickie: That went downhill quickly.


Niamh: I can’t – the emotion – it’s too much!

Luna: Oh Niamh….do you need help getting up?


Bridgette: I’ll make up for my point loss. I’ll be the one who smells the sweetest tomorrow!


“And thus, everyone went to sleep, having all found a bed – except Bridgette – and all quite anxious to officially meet the Bachelor, in just 3 hours time…”












Bridgette -2

Elise -2




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17 thoughts on “Episode 1 – It begins”

  1. Yeah, Destiny is totally gonna hog that VR set. I actually had to get one for everyone just to stop them having [s]hissy fits[/s] routing errors. And that was WITH me being a controlling, micro-managing Watchette!

    So this is played like an ISBI or Big Brother Challenge? No controlling the Bachelorette’s at all? Oh crap, Destiny is gonna loooooooose T_T she’s so no good at taking care of her needs by herself!

    She’s looking good in your game though. Makes me kinda miss the Cross Legacy. And then I remember the half hour load screens and lag every 10 sim minutes…

    Ok, so a bit of background, Destiny is the eldest of the triplets from Gen 3, and the second elsest overall. Her middle trip, Faith, set herself alight with her birthday cake on their YA birthday and kinda died (I sent her to the shower, but, she first had to walk to the kitchen to put down the slice of cake she held and by the time she was within touching distance of the shower, she was ash). Oh, and Destiny is Xenia’s mom lol I thought it was kinda funny that Xe came in on Gen 8 and Dee might come in only in Gen 9 lol the beauty of alternate universes 🙂 although, if she wins, I guess we could say they’re like distant cousins twice removed or something lol I’m trying to remember what job she had, I think she was a dynamic DNA profiler with the cops?!?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, when you hit Gen 3 and 4 of a TS3 legacy, if you haven’t amassed a fortune, then you’re doing something wrong lol and what better way to spend a fortune than on electronics?!? Granted, Xenia didn’t think that was a good plan but she had great fun sabotaging the speakers etc lol
        Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh I laughed my butt OFF at this entire post. Niamh cracks me up with all her neurotic antics, and Hazel seems to be the trouble starter already! I really did wonder if Corbin would transform, and the way she did was so funny too. My husband looked at me funny I was laughing so hard lol. Can’t wait for Maxwell to make his appearance, and fingers crossed Corbin doesn’t scare him away with her spontaneous werewolf transformations. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was just waiting for it when all the girls dashed for the fridge and their plumbobs started to go yellow!
      These girls do it all their own haha! Free will works a lot better here than in my ISBI XP

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow Kylie, you could at least look interested in what the host has to say! And don’t worry baby, that throne is yours 😀

    I love how people already lost points before the real thing began! 😀 can’t wait for this! How often are you updating?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kylie in general seems to lose interest in conversations rather quickly heh
      Well it’ll be pretty unpredictable, since I’ll have to wait for you guys to vote after every chapter, but I’m aiming to have one at least every week. Either way, next episode is on wednesday!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh Hazel, already like your father and mother. I thought they raised you better, you little hot head! But omg I love all the girls and Corbin is one of my favorites, gotta love each those werewolf sims😉 Can’t wait to see what they do with Max lol

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Canary is quiet, I’m surprised by that. Maybe she misses her dragon Amethyst. 🙂 At least being a vamp her needs don’t drop at night. Go girl! I figured she’d look like her mom without the green skin she got from her grandfather, it’s nice to see.

    Liked by 1 person

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