Episode 3 – Race to the finish line!

3 am


Elise : I can’t sleep! T-T I’m so stressed out for tomorrow’s elimination.

Kylie: You mean today’s

Elise: Whatever. What are you doing up?


Kylie: Oh you know, admiring my future throne

Elise: >.>


Niamh: Hey guys, I can’t sleep either. WHAT IF I LOSE

Elise: I heard you were the one with the most votes for the poll 😡

Kylie: This is getting ridiculous it’s 3 am


Niamh: Hazel can be SO annoying sometimes with that hothead of hers!


Kylie: I was going to bed -_-



“Getting everyone seated this morning was EXCESSIVELY difficult! We’ve already lost 6 min. Hope you’ll be more awake for this morning’s bonding time! Get your heads in the game, especially you four: Luna, Niamh, Elise and Nikita. This is your last chance to grab some more points. Well off you go!”


Maxwell: Everyone seems to have better things to do than talk to me…Are you going to run away again?

Kylie: No! Of course not *bats eyes*


Kylie: *left to go to bathroom* Someone’s there already!

Maxwell: ….

Destiny: Come on Elise! You got this! Go get those points!

Elise: Okay!


Maxwell: *comes over on his own* What’s going on over here?

Destiny: Talk about timing

Elise: UH points yes?


Luna: What’s going on here, why wasn’t I invited?

Maxwell: This group conversation suddenly got real big.


Luna: Everyone is on him. 😦 I didn’t get a chance.


Bridgette: It’s your turn now Niamh! Hurry get in there!

Niamh: Okay! Let me just…gather up my courage…


Luna: How is it fair when the bachelor himself apparently has a favorite??

“Time’s up! Different people talked to Maxwell this time! Good job: Kylie, Elise and Destiny. It’s still not a lot, but better than nothing.”


“I’m surprised by you four. I expected you to put a little more effort into it. Nonetheless, it’s time to reveal who’s going home.

The top score of the four, with 3,8 is…”



Maxwell: Congrats! You get to stay!


Niamh: I’m allergic to these flowers! I can’t accept them!

Maxwell: OH….my bad

“Next up, with 2,3 points…”



Nikita: AH! Was that a bee??

Maxwell: Erm, yay! You get to stay?

“Third winner, with 1,5 points…”



Luna: No no no I can’t accept flowers! Not pink flowers!

Maxwell: This is really dampening my ego.

“And that leaves the last contestant, with 0,9 points…”


Maxwell: It’s a shame Elise. I would’ve liked to know you better.

Elise: Yeah…

Maxwell: Thanks for trying. Maybe I’ll see you around?

Elise: 😀 Who knows?

“With that, it’s already time for this afternoon’s Challenge.


“Which is a RACE! This is an obstacle course with several opportunities to gain points. For every obstacle you finish without chickening/be thrown out of, you get 1 point. First person to complete the obstacle course – no matter if they failed or succeeded the obstacles – get 3 points. Second place gets 2 points. And third place gets 1 point. That doesn’t mean skip all the obstacles! Put some effort in this ladies. Okay..ready..set..go!”


Isa hops onto the firewalker without any hesitation and speeds to the end of the first obstacle! +1


Niamh and Kylie do the same!


Bridgette, Corbin, Canary and Luna soon follow suit.

Nikita got burned however!


Hazel makes it to the end! Destiny and Vickie are the only ones left!


They make it through without much trouble 🙂

Bridgette gets a little burned in the process…


Next up is the riding bull obstacle! And Canary was already thrown off!

Screenshot-26 Screenshot-27

Kylie is the first to master the bull!


Niamh masters the bull! And Vickie has already rushed to the climbing wall!


Isa wins the second obstacle!


Vickie finishes the race! She gets +1 for finishing the last obstacle, and +3 for being first!


Destiny finishes second! That’s +1 and +2!


And Canary is third! That’s +1 and +1!


Everyone else manages to finish the last obstacle successfully except Luna unfortunately.

“And that’s the end of today’s challenge!”


It’s time to say good bye to Elise, thank you so much for her submission!

Hopefully she’ll have better luck elsewhere 😉

“That brings the bachelorette count to 11! Which also happens to bring us to tomorrow’s elimination.”


“You five have the lowest scores…I’m seeing some familiar faces here. Tut tut.”

Hazel: Vickie has an insane amount of points, it’s hardly fair, she should get some sort of penalty > 😦

“Most of those are her relationship points with Maxwell. Might want to look into that. I’m only taking 4 people for the elimination so…”


“Niamh you can go. You had a stellar performance today on the bull riding machine! You get a free pass out of this elimination.”

Niamh: Yes!


“As for you four, you know how to redeem yourselves. Let’s see if you two can survive the elimination again Nikita and Luna.

Good luck girls.”


Vickie 29.03

Kylie 9.40

Destiny 7.08

Isa 6

Canary 5.32

Corbin 4

Hazel 3

Niamh 3

Luna 1

Nikita 1

Bridgette 1


4 girls up for elimination!

Vote for the one you want to keep!


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14 thoughts on “Episode 3 – Race to the finish line!”

  1. Yay! Destiny is third! She just has to stay in the top 3 until it’s time to make a sneak attack! Didn’t she make it across the fire walk as well as the wall? That should be 2 points not 1?

    I love the reactions to the flowers lol was that because they don’t have a high enough relationship with Max?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes she did, I just didn’t mark that point. But it’s added don’t worry! Wasn’t clear, but I was only mentionning the last obstacle point plus her finishing second.
      Yeeaaahhhh relationships are practically inexistant with those three so Max was flower rejected three times in a row heh XP


  2. I love the challenge so far. It’s hilarious.
    Luna! Why are you firewalking with socks on?!
    Seriously, though. Luna, you need to up your game!
    These girls…
    Yeah, and nobody would accept flowers from Hydrangea when I was doing this challenge. It’s a thing. A weird thing, but still a thing.

    Liked by 1 person

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