Episode 4 – She’s on fire!

2 am


Vickie: I don’t understand. At this point my victory is assured. Why can’t I sit on the throne?

“This is exactly why we put up this fence. And your victory is not assured dear, there’s still several challenges to overcome.”


6 am

Kylie: Ah! What an outrage! Couldn’t this plant put a little more effort in its appearance?


Kylie: This pond-puddle however! Perfectly placed! Most definitely not in people’s way! It’s not like anyone in real life would constantly step in it!

“-_- well today will be interesting.”

8 am


Nikita: OK let’s just start this already *grumble grumble*

Everyone: *kinda stares*

Nikita: I’m just NOT a morning person okay



“OK so it’s the morning and it’s bonding time! Which means-”

Maxwell: I think they kind of know what happens in the morning at this point.

“You’d think, but there’s always a lack of bonding happening.”


“I shouldn’t need to say it, but I’ll say it anyways. Hazel, Luna, Nikita, Bridgette, this is your last chance at survival before the elimination. Don’t let time pass you by!

Since you guys actually managed to assemble with pretty good timing, you have 20 minutes extra to bond! Use them well ;)”


Corbin: Get back! I’m in a foul mood right now! And your face is annoying me 😡


Kylie: OH shush! You’re just jealous because I have more points than you so far.

Isa: Wow didn’t expect to get such a show this morning!


Maxwell: *per usual, compliments appearance* I can’t seem to get over your hair. I like the color orange.

Kylie: Cool. Awesome. Yes. Um.



Niamh: Ok you need to back OFF Kylie and let us get some points! And you’re not even that pretty soooo

Kylie: *le gasp* That’s mean 😦

Maxwell: *almost actually scolded Niamh for being mean, but routing fails saved Niamh*


Maxwell: I’m starting to wonder if this is my bachelorette challenge or Kylie’s BFF challenge.

Niamh: I’m sorry I didn’t mean that, I do think you’re pretty.

Kylie: It’s okay, I understand.


Nikita: UM? She’s destroying the couch??? Someone??

Corbin: I just have a lot of anger right now ok


“So this was beyond disappointing. Kylie was the only one who had any changes in her relationships, and I do mean relationships. This isn’t about befriending or befrenemying Kylie here girls. Some of you who’d managed to get a relationship with Maxwell have actually lost relationship points now.

I did notice that a lot of you were hungry and heading off to make a bunch of waffles, so we’ll install a new rule. From now on, your needs will be fixed at 8 am. That way you’re less probable to get distracted.”


“It’s time for today’s elimination girls. No point in postponing it.

Starting with the highest score of the four, a score of 3.2 points…”



Maxwell: Hope you’ll accept them! 😀


Hazel: What are these daisies? You could’ve put a little more effort into it.

Maxwell: -_-‘

“Second survivor, and also winner of the reader vote, with 1.4 points…”



Maxwell: These aren’t pink this time!

Luna: Yellow is even worse!

“Third survivor, with 1.3 points…”



Maxwell: Red flowers for the pretty red head?

Bridgette: I UH NO –I can’t accept these! – I don’t – I don’t know you well enough!!


“Which means Nikita is the one leaving today, with 1.1 points.”

Maxwell: That’s too bad. Maybe if you hadn’t been feeling so down this morning, we could’ve chatted a bit.

Nikita: Guess I missed my chance.

“It’s Tournament time again! Oh yes, I said Tournament! They’re more fun with a lot of people anyway :D”


“The rules are almost exactly the same as the table tennis tournament. Everyone has been paired up according to points. The ones with the most points are pitted against each other, etc.

To be exact, this is a Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament! Because who doesn’t love playing that silly game ;).

One point per win. Final winner gets a Date! Draws are redone. Each match is a two out of three. Begin!”


Some people aren’t playing fair *cough* IsaVickie *cough*


Kylie wins the match!

Our first place contestant gets no points today…


Isa loses!

Destiny gains a point!


Even with her repeatedly using her werewolf advantage, Corbin lost to Canary.


After three retries because these two kept playing the same thing, Hazel loses!


Luna wins against Bridgette!


Round two! Kylie vs Destiny

And Luna vs Niamh; winner against Canary.

Because apparently Kylie and Canary are sworn enemies and therefore refuse to play rock paper scissors together.


Luna wins against Niamh!


Destiny loses!


It’s Luna vs Canary, winner against Kylie!


Luna is on fire! She wins again!


Final battle, winner gets a date with Maxwell…


And Luna wins by a close shave!

She wins a date! She’s certainly got her head in the game this time!


“*sigh* This really doesn’t get easier. I’m seeing some familiar faces and few unfamiliar ones. But Luna is the prime example that it’s possible to bounce back from this! She went from one of the last ones, to 5th!

Well either way, it’s down to you five for tomorrow’s elimination. I can only take four though…”


“And Canary is the lucky one this time! Not only does she have the most points out of all of you, but she lasted pretty long in today’s tournament.”


“You know what you have to do you four. You have till tomorrow at 12.”



Maxwell took his date out to a small bistro to eat, and then they came to a small beach to enjoy the sunset.


Maxwell really enjoyed the view I gather.


Luna is really dedicated to winning this now! After responding neutrally to Maxwell’s three flirts, she initiated one of her own!

Causing Maxwell to in turn flirt of his own accord 🙂

There was some back and forth, earning Luna some pretty neat relationship points that boosted her up to second place!

Maxwell rolled no wishes for her.


Vickie 27.03

Luna 17.75

Kylie 16.15

Destiny 6.08

Isa 6

Canary 4.32

Corbin 4.08

Niamh 4

Hazel 3

Bridgette 1


4 ladies up for elimination!


Vote for the one you want to keep!

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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons

23 thoughts on “Episode 4 – She’s on fire!”

  1. so, I’m either the 1st one to vote, or Bridg has a huge fan following 😀 kinda hope it’s the latter…

    Damn, Dessi! Get your head in the game, gurl! You’re in freaking 4th place… I know I said a sneak attack but shit, Vickie is nailing all your asses to the sidewalk and riding over you on the way to her wedding to Max!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The title gave me heart failure just a teeny bit -spreads arms as wide apart as they will go- my first thought was: OMG, Dessi burnt to death on day 4! O_O which, considering her triplet kinda did burn to death, would kinda be shitty… Oh, the deceased triplet, Faith, is the chick with the feather earrings and short cut in my gravatar (or wateva tf that thing is called). I just realised now. The trips were Destiny, Faith (are we seeing a pattern?) And… Lori lol smh I have no clue where that came from lol totally screwed my theme there lol but, Lori did kinda surprise me, twins I kinda expected and hoped for, but TRIPLETS O_O I did screw the curve in favour of female births though. So glad they brought that back in TS4 -she says, having never utilised it since it was introduced-

    Ok, enough babbling from the Queen of the LoLhaHB (figured that one out? Lol)
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha it would be destiny wouldn’t it?
      LoLhaHB??? *scrunches face* I can only see Lol and ha as if you’re laughing at us on HBO >_>
      Wait wait
      League of legends…high and hollow bottom?
      I don’t know lol XD


      1. I know lol and I’m so glad that you remembered XD

        Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Kylie sure is popular! Hahaha, it cracks me up that everyone is more interested in being her friend than chatting up Maxwell THE ENTIRE REASON THEY ARE ALL THERE *cough cough* Corbin…
    It amuses me that she transforms so often, almost like a scare tactic that isn’t really working out for her lol. *shrugs* Maybe next time if she survives this elimination. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lol, Kylie pulls amazing faces.
    Poor Maxwell, his flowers always get refused XD
    Happy Luna got the date, Kylie gets all the morning bonding attention anyway 😛
    Daaw, Maxwell swooning over Luna, so cute.

    Liked by 1 person

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