Episode 6 – Right in the feels!


8 am

Destiny/Luna/Corbin/Canary: Aahhhh nooo it’s Kylie!

Kylie: ??

“*rolls eyes* Let’s try to be a little mature here girls…

Hazel where are you?”

Hazel: Sorry finishing my game! I’m there, I’m there, give me five seconds.

“*shakes head*”


“Alright, it’s day 6 girls. It’s almost been a week! The days are going by fast and so are your points. Per usual we have some bonding time this morning, an elimination at 12pm and then…a Tournament! And it will be the last one! Yes, the last one. Which means this will be your last chance to win yourself a date girls!

Well then get to your bonding! You have 36 extra minutes this time.”


Canary: I have a lot of points I need to catch up on. I don’t think I can do it.

Corbin: Well they’re busy yelling at each other again, so pretty sure the field is wide open.


Maxwell: *blows a kiss*



Kylie: That was DISGUSTING. Why were you trying to blow bacteria in my face??

Maxwell: Why do I even try


Niamh: *pushed Canary’s interaction out of the way* I need to talk about my feelings. Towards you. And you’re handsome face.

Maxwell: I’m listening


Isa: But wait! *budges in* Have you ever played sims? Doesn’t it seem odd how we all magically climb out of our beds at exactly 7am every single day without an alarm clock? As if were being controlled??


Vickie: Forget her. That’s insane talk.

Niamh: That was a little weird.

Isa: You don’t understand…

Vickie: Let’s talk about the non-existent weather.


Isa: And then Luna budged in. Why is everyone coming into this conversation?

Nimah: You started it.


Corbin: Maxwell! I have feelings I need to share.

Isa: I’m going to set something on fire soon.


Maxwell: *remembers that date* *blows a kiss*

Luna: WOAHWOAHWOAH ew no stop

Maxwell: Maybe I’m not cut out for this.


Luna: *attempts to flirt right after*

Maxwell: Look no! There’s only so much I can take!

Corbin: *is quite pleased*


Destiny: The ultimate camera missed it, but Canary just slapped me in the face FOR NO REASON

Canary: You stepped on my FOOT my FOOT


Niamh: There are actually five minutes left to bonding time, but I need to use it to express my complaints concerning Isa and her butting in problem.

Maxwell: Geez Niamh, you know how I feel about badtalking other contestants.

“And that’s it!”


“That was an…interesting morning. Well good job on Kylie, Niamh, Isa, Vickie, Luna, and Corbin for at least interacting with Maxwell. Everyone lost or gained points today – some due to not talking to Maxwell.

Time for lunch break.”


“It’s time.”

Maxwell: This is not getting any easier.

“Well then girls, first survivor, with a nice 9.82 points is….”



Niamh: Yes!

“Next with 8.41 points is…”



Maxwell: Hope you like them!

Hazel: Oh I do I do!

“Next with 7.05 points…”



Corbin: Ooh! So pretty!

Maxwell: 😀

“And that means with -15.70 points…”


Maxwell: It’s a real shame Canary. But I think it’s the slapping part that did you in.

Canary: Does it still hurt?

Maxwell: >.> a little…

Canary: *laughs* It’s okay no hard feelings right?

Maxwell: Right 🙂

Tournament time! And it’s going to be a fun one :D”


“Because who doesn’t want to play floating dartboards in the rain? *thumbs up*

Rules are similar to the other tournaments. Win a game get +1. This one has a special bonus: every dart you throw right in the middle gets you +3. Final winner gets a date!

Points in the dart game are as follow: Darts on the floor don’t count, darts on the outside count as 0.25, darts on the third ring are 0.50, darts on the second ring are 0.75 and darts in the middle are 1.00.

Everyone’s been grouped a little differently this time. Instead of having the ones with the most points compete with each other so: 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, etc, we’ve grouped you up as: 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5.

Well that’s pretty much it!”


“Prepare your darts!”


A rocky start…


The first turn is played, and no one’s hit the middle. Dart points…

Vickie – 1.75

Kylie – 1.25

Luna – 1.00

Destiny – 1.75


Time for the other four! Quite a few fallouts…but here are the dart points…

Corbin – 1.25

Hazel – 1.25

Niamh – 1.75

Isa – 1.00


Yes you saw that right! Niamh scored a middle ring! That’s +3 for her!

Results of the first round are…


Vickie wins against Corbin!



Not much doubt, Niamh wins against Luna!



And Destiny wins against Isa!


Hazel and Kylie had a tie! So they’re going to play another game to decide the winner.


Kylie’s dart points are: 1.25


Hazel’s dart points are: 1.75

Hazel wins! +1


Round two!

Vickie vs Hazel

Destiny vs Niamh


Vickie’s dart points are: 2.00

And she scores a middle ring! +3


Destiny’s dart points are: 2.00

It’s Hazel and Nimah’s turn…


They don’t do so well…

Hazel: 1.25

Niamh: 1.00

Vickie and Destiny win! +1 each!


It’s time to decide who will win the date with Maxwell!


It’s an okay start with dart points of 1.50. But what can you expect with Vickie closing her eyes?


It was a close one, but Destiny missed a dart which leaves her with 1.00 dart points.

Vickie wins a date! +1

Another one? Yes seems, she’s managed to coin 2 dates out of 3.

“Before we move onto to the date…it’s time for the elimination warning, if you will.”


“You four have the lowest scores; Hazel, Corbin, Isa and Niamh. And three of you are veterans in this area.

I suggest you don’t dilly dally tomorrow. Vickie is a strong competitor. It’s going to take a lot to take her down.”


For their second date, Vickie and Maxwell had a small meal at a nearby bistro and then went to visit the arboretum.

They sat down and chatted near some fountains.


Maxwell tried a move on her, and it went pretty well. They cuddled a bit in front of the water before taking a little stroll.


Vickie got her flirts, and initiated nothing of her own. Maxwell received no wishes for her.

After a little while of not awkward silent gazing into each other’s eyes, Vickie went off to read a book on a nearby bench and Maxwell sat down beside her.


They spent the rest of the evening like so.


Vickie 36.03

Destiny 18.43

Kylie 17.48

Luna 17.09

Niamh 14.98

Isa 14.01

Hazel 8.41

Corbin 8.32


4 ladies up for elimination!

Vote for the one you want to keep!



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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons

12 thoughts on “Episode 6 – Right in the feels!”

  1. Man, Maxwell doesn’t have a whole lot of luck right now. He keeps getting rejected, or ignored, or… well, things aren’t always working out!

    Luna, no! That’s not how romance works!
    For some reason, sims ALWAYS reject the “Blow a kiss” interaction, unless their relationship is really high. It’s weird…

    Well, at least this is entertaining!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Damn, girl! She is doing me proud! Haha. Reading a book on the date, though? What a gem. XD
    The part where Canary slapped Destiny! It it seemed just like something that would actaully happen. 😀
    Awesome chapter

    Liked by 1 person

    Corbin is in the bottom again and dead last. Oh no. 😦 At least she talked to Maxwell for the first time, but I doubt it’s going to be enough to save her.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, Desi is 2nd! Ok, so still 50% behind Vickie, but, its a shot.

    Hands off the Desi, you Canary yellow wench! She’ll freaking kick your ass! I miss playing Desi! But, not enough to brave the hour long load times and the lag lol, besides, her Gen was pretty much done and dusted and passing the baton to the next.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m waiting to see if someone is going to suddenly completely topple Vickie off the throne.

      SPEAKING OF LIKE I’ve spent the whole day loading up Light the way to heaven and it still hasn’t loaded, what is up with this???
      I just want to write about Salandra and Nikolas, but my computer apparently wants me to get up and do other stuff. *groans*


      1. Yeah, it definitely looks as if Vickie has this in the bag 😦 poor Desi (and the rest of the ladies, I guess)
        Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Unless you have swimming, I don’t see Desi doing too badly lol just don’t try get her into a pool of her own volition!
        Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

        Liked by 1 person

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