Episode 7 – Spot the winner!


5 am

“I’m eternally done with these toilets breaking! Let me just hammer these to unbreakable…”


8 am

“Good morning everyone! We had a little bit of trouble this morning, with some people wanting to go play video games *cough* Maxwell *cough*”

Maxwell: I miss my games okay >.>

“Anyway, so today…um”


“Isa you seem to be…holding something?”

Isa: Yes, my pet dragon.

Hazel: It’s very cute, I want one.

“*clears throat* Half an hour early, you girls know the drill. Don’t waste this opportunity! Especially you four: Hazel, Corbin, Niamh and Isa.”


Isa: I think you’re being VERY disrespectful Maxwell. You haven’t said hello to my dragon yet.

Maxwell: Oh um hello

Luna: If I stare long enough, maybe this will give us relationship points. Like a silent, but highly communicative stare.


Isa: Haha and they call me crazy?


Isa: I was kidding about the negative relationship points earlier. Tell me about your day Maxwell.

Hazel: I SWEAR TO GOD KYLIE, if you hog him again-!


Niamh: Haha poor Maxwell, you’re all alone in your corner haha. They all prefer the tv over you.

Maxwell: >_>


Isa: She’s badmouthing us isn’t she.

Destiny: I think Niamh is a little bipolar.


Maxwell: Kylie! *initiates the every day flirt*

Destiny: Kylie is at it again

Isa: Tsk

Kylie: He’s the one who approached me!


“Well then time’s up! Kylie managed to squeeze in some intense flirting for the last ten minutes, but like I just said time’s up! Good on you, Isa, Luna, Destiny, Niamh and Kylie for interacting with the bachelor.

Moving on to the most dreadful part of the day…the elimination.”


Hazel: If I get eliminated I’m going to find Canary. I need to fight a vampire.

“This was a pretty close one, but we didn’t get out first tie though.

First survivor with 8.8 points…”



Maxwell: Hope your dragon likes them 😀

Isa: I do, I do!

“Second, with 7.1 points…”



Maxwell: Don’t make that face D:

Niamh: I can’t accept these when I was so mean to you earlier!

“Next up, with a close 6.8 points…”



Hazel: Ah yes! I’m still in!

“And that means, with 6.7 points…”


Maxwell: Aw too bad Corbin. I don’t know if I could’ve kept up with your werewolf side though.

Corbin: No, I don’t think you could’ve handled this boy.

“Corbin lasted pretty long on the hot seat though. Hope you have better luck elsewhere :)”


“It’s time for a Stargazing Challenge! Ignore the rain. The almighty camera was supposed to fix that.

Anyway, you have from now till 8pm to Search the Galaxy and find as many stars as you can! You can earn points for uniqueness, most expensive type of star, and total cash received. The one with the most amount of cash gets +3, the second most gets +2 and the third most gets +1.

Good luck!”


Niamh spots a meteor!

Isa finds a tiny dwarf star worth 25$!

Vickie discovers a satellite worth 42$!

Kylie also spots a satellite worth 30$!

Luna finds a tiny sub giant worth 55$!

Destiny gestures at a satellite worth 63$!

Isa spots a tiny sub giant worth—oh wait it’s the one Luna found.

Niamh finds herself a tiny super giant worth 630$!!

Vickie gets herself a medium dwarf star worth 65$!

Isa discovers a comet worth 488$!!

Kylie spots a tiny dwarf star worth 25$!

Luna catches herself a tiny dwarf star worth 120$!

Hazel finally finds herself a medium dwarf star worth 80$!

Destiny spots herself a small sub giant worth 60$!

Vickie spots a tiny sub giant worth—oh wait it’s once again the one Luna found.

Luna watches a meteor fall.

Niamh finds a tiny dwarf star worth 25$!


The Host catches a bird!

“Okay girls, challenge is over! It’s 8pm.

Now here’s a summary of all the points everyone has earned.”


Isa received a total of 513$.

She was the only one to discover a comet, which gets her 1 point.


Destiny received a total of 123$.

She was the only one to discover a small sub giant, which gets her 1 point.

She found the most expensive satellite, which gets her 1 point.


Niamh received a total of 655$.

She was the only one to discover a tiny super giant, which gets her 1 point.


Kylie received a total of 55$.


Luna received a total of 175$.

She was the only one to discover a tiny sub giant, which gets her 1 point.

She found the most expensive tiny dwarf star, which gets her 1 point.


Hazel received a total of 80$.


Vickie received a total of 107$.

She found the most expensive medium dwarf star, which gets her 1 point.

“And lastly, 1st place is Niamh with 655$! (+3)

Second place is Isa with 513$! (+2)

And third place is Luna with 175$! (+1)”


“I’m sure you’ve figured out why you four are gathered here.

Hazel, Niamh, Isa and Destiny, your scores are the lowest. Some of you because you insulted the bachelor. *looks at Niamh*.

Good luck for tomorrow, sleep well.”

Bird: *makes bird sound*


Vickie 37.60

Luna 21.41

Kylie 20.77

Destiny 18.52

Isa 13.01

Niamh 7.99

Hazel 7.74


4 ladies up for elimination!

Vote for who you want to keep!


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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons

5 thoughts on “Episode 7 – Spot the winner!”

  1. Ack! Desi get your head in the game!!!

    Please vote for Desi! I don’t think any of them have a chance to unseat Vickie, but, it’s her first time in the elimination round, I’d hate to see her get kicked out!

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