Episode 8 – Dance with me

3:05 am

screenshot screenshot-2 screenshot-3

7:30 am


“Welcome back to another great day everyone! We’re already down to 7 contestants! We’ve passed the halfway mark.

Looks like you girls are ready to start the day, what with everyone being half an hour early!”


“How was your morning Maxwell?”

Maxwell: *painful groan* fine just fine I’m perfectly fine

“Well then I’ll leave you gals to socialize with Mr.I’m fine while I go prepare this afternoon’s event. If I were you I wouldn’t tire out too much ;)”


Destiny: Are you sure you’re okay? You looked a little queasy…

Maxwell: I’m fine really. But thanks for the concern 😀


Kylie: Yeah, he’s a tough guy. Whatever it is he’s got this right handsome *wink*

Destiny: *grumbling internally*


Hazel: Maybe you ate some jellyfish? I know it always makes me queasy when I eat jellyfish.

Maxwell: I don’t think that was it…


Luna: Maxwell, tell me, do you think I’ll win? Do you?

Maxwell: Well you’re certainly going about it the right way 😀


Vickie: *pushes luna aside* I really liked our dates, we should go grab a meal together again sometime.

Maxwell: If you win we will 🙂

Luna: But we just shared a flirt so I’m pretty much guaranteed to win.

“Wow! Morning is over, and almost everyone talked to Maxwell!”


“Yes. Almost. Niamh seemed to prefer yelling at Kylie.

And Niamh is up for elimination…tut tut…”


Maxwell: And before we head off to the elimination, I have a few freebie points I want to give away. I know this is a competition, but I really encourage that you gals make bonds. So for every friendship you establish, you’ll get a point.


Maxwell: And it makes me really happy to be able to give out points to Kylie and Destiny for becoming friends. +1 for each!


“Now that those points have been distributed…it’s time for the elimination girls.

I hope you’re ready.

So, the person with the most points, 19.83 to be exact is…”



The second with 12.85 is….”


“Isa! Congrats on living another round!

The third, and the one who won the reader vote with 12.25 is…”



And that means, with 11.10 points…”


Niamh: Ah shucks, but I was doing so well!

Maxwell: You’ve been stuck on the elimination block for a little while now…

Niamh: Yeah, but I kept surviving that had to mean something!

Maxwell: I don’t think this challenge was meant for you.

Niamh: Probably not. Ah well, I’ll see you around Maxwell 🙂

“Okay, challenge of the day is ready! Suit up ladies!”


“As it happens, it’s a Social Event!

Starting from now, 14pm, to 4am tomorrow, you’re all going to have the opportunity to work on your relationship with Maxwell!

After your first independent interaction with Maxwell, you get a slow dance with him. After your second, you get to karaoke a song together. And after your third you get a flirt. If you spontaneously ask Maxwell for a dance or to karaoke together, you get a special +1 point. If you step on Maxwell’s foot while dancing, you get -1 point (that means those who practiced dancing with the radio in the game room have an advantage). If Maxwell steps on your foot, you get apology flowers.

All wishes that Maxwell gets directed towards you girls will be fulfilled.

Your needs such as hunger and sleep and hygiene will be taken care of. But your need to pee will be up to you. There’s a bathroom here, I’m sure you can take care of yourself.”


“Have fun gals.

A Social Event is meant to increase your relationship with the bachelor. Don’t waste it!”


Hazel is the first one to interact with Maxwell!

To brag about her broom skills…


She gets her slow dance with Maxwell.


And steps on his foot. Ouch!



Hazel: You shouldn’t have put your foot in the way! It’s your fault!

Er, Hazel insults the bachelor, but this still counts as a second interaction.


She gets her song with him.


Isa sees insulting Maxwell works so she does the same.


She gets a slow dance for her first interaction.


Vickie comes over and compliments Maxwell’s dancing, hoping to get some of that action.


And she does!


Only to step on his toes XP



Some of the gals decide singing karaoke with each other is more fun.


Kylie swoops in for the kill, with a flirt for her first interaction.


Before Maxwell can slow dance with Kylie, Vickie gets her second interaction in.


Maxwell slow dances with Kylie first.

Luna doesn’t seem to be doing too good back there.


While they’re dancing Maxwell gets his first wish!

Wishes are a priority, so we’ll need to fulfill it before Vickie gets her song.


After several flirts to reach Friend status, the interaction finally pops up, and Maxwell gets his wish.


Only to wish for something more.

This one is going to have to wait though.


Vickie, a little tired of waiting, rushes over and gets her third interaction done.


They sing some karaoke…


And then Vickie gets her flirt.


Luna finally attacks and gets her first interaction out of the way.


She gets herself a slow dance.


And steps on his foot!



Kylie’s not done with him yet. She gets her second interaction done.


They enthusiastically sing some karaoke.


Maxwell squeezes in another kiss wish just as the Social Event ends.

Everyone is sent back to the main room except these two who keep autonomously flirting with each other.


And the first first kiss is shared!

Maxwell wished to do something else with Kylie, but the Social Event is finished so it won’t be fulfilled.


“Kylie really took it up today didn’t she gals? Don’t worry, there’ll be another Social Event. What you should worry about is the elimination. Since we’re down to 6 girls, only 3 of you will be up for elimination. And that’s you three.

Good luck.”


Kylie 64.97

Vickie 50.70

Luna 22.08

Destiny 19.27

Isa 10.66

Hazel 7.75

3 ladies up for elimination!

Vote for the one you want to keep!


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