Episode 9 – And then there were five…


“Pfiou! How’s everyone doing? How many of you got all your 8 hours of sleep? *raises hand*”

Maxwell: *yawns*

“Yes well, I’m sure you’re all quite tired from staying up so late dancing. Don’t worry, today won’t be too demanding. We’ll have our usual bonding time in the beforenoon, and then the elimination, and in the afternoon we have a small simple little challenge.

Since everyone is tired and a little slow this morning, and since you’re only 6, Maxwell is going to give everyone a chat interaction and the opportunity to continue interactions with him.

So get bonding everyone!”


Maxwell: Do you think you’ll manage to stay in the competition once again?

Hazel: Definitely! I’m pretty sure I won the reader vote 😀

Maxwell: I don’t think you should put all your hope in the votes. It’s mostly there to break ties.


Hazel: On the contrary what the readers think is pivotable! Or it should be! If they all vote for me, why should I not win?

Maxwell: >.<


Hazel’s lucky Maxwell doesn’t get his wishes fulfill during the beforenoon bonding session.


Maxwell: Cooking huh?

Isa: Well…I did hear a rumor that a cooking skill might be useful this afternoon…plus I’m starving.


Destiny: She’s a great host really, but her job is really simple.

Maxwell: Well she’s not here to babysit you guys.


Luna: Oh I have no doubt I’ll win. I’m making myself scarce right now. Everyone seems to have forgotten that I’m the only one who was on the chopping block once and managed to get off.

Maxwell: Being fourth was good in the beginning, but now you’re one of the last three. You might have to start switching to aggressive if you want to win.



Kylie: What?? Are you crazy??


Maxwell: Just don’t take it to Hazel’s level.

Luna: *snorts*


Vickie: I want to be a writer someday. If I win we should write a book together.

Maxwell: Well, I dunno about writing a book, but I’m sure I’ve got some good material for inspiration 🙂


Kylie: There’s no point making plans with everyone else, at this point it’s obvious who’s the winner 😉

Vickie: That’s what they said about me a few days ago. I’d watch your back Kylie.

“And with that time’s up! Moving on to the elimination…”


“I hope you girls are ready.

Without further ado, the first survivor with 21.77 points is…”



Next with 12.47 points…”



“Which means…with 8.88 points…”


Maxwell: End of the road hothead.

Hazel: Ah well, you weren’t really my type anyway Maxwell.

Maxwell: XD I figured


“On to today’s challenge then!

This one revolves around cooking. In this challenge everyone has varying amount of skills in cooking, which means that all the cooking skills you’ve accumulated so far while making food for yourself or others are kept!

You’ll be evaluated on the quality of your food. Below normal you lose a point, above normal you gain a point.

You’ll be given extra points if you learn another cooking skill while preparing your meal. If you reach level 1 you gain +1, if you reach level 2 you gain +2 and so on.

You’ll lose points if you choke while eating your meal! You need to pace yourself.

You can regain those points by cleaning up after yourself. If you put your plate in the dish washer you get +1, but if you use the sink you get +2.

Everyone will cook Mac and Cheese.

Good luck!


Let’s begin with Isa!


Isa levels up to lvl3!



Her Mac and Cheese is normal quality, so no points.


While she finishes eating up, it’s Destiny’s turn to make her meal.


Destiny levels up to lvl1!



There seems to be some traffic already.

Let’s see if Isa’s patience is high enough for that one extra point.


It is! That’s +1 for cleaning up.


Destiny finishes her meal, but gets no points for quality.


Luna begins cooking.


Luna levels up to lvl1!



Destiny gets +1 for cleaning up!


Destiny breaks the dishwasher!


She’s stuck repairing it. If she gets electrocuted she will lose points.

Vickie decides to come help clean up. Just in time, it’s her turn to cook.


Luna’s meal is normal, so no points.

But she loses a point for choking -1.


Vickie levels up to lvl1!



Because Destiny is busy repairing the dishwasher, Luna cleans her dish in the sink which gets her +2!


Vickie is done cooking and it’s Kylie’s turn now.


After some routing failures Vickie finally sits down to eat.

Her food is normal quality, so no points.


Kylie levels up to lvl2!



Oh oh, Vickie chokes!



Vickie gets up and decides she’s too cool to clean her dish!

Which means it’s a free point for anyone who cleans it up for her before the challenge ends!


Kylie finishes her meal with a normal quality.

No points.


Kylie ends up cleaning up both her and Vickie’s plates which gets her +2!

And that’s it…


“Well gals, you know what this means.

We’re down to the final five contestants and you guys are the last three. Good luck.”


Kylie 71.63

Vickie 54.04

Luna 30.08

Destiny 25.02

Isa 19.34


Three ladies up for elimination!

Vote for the one you want to keep!



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7 thoughts on “Episode 9 – And then there were five…”

  1. Ah damn, well it was fun while it lasted! Hazel shall return home beating up the security at the airport on her way and scarcely making it back without jail time. But now it’s a cutthroat competition, may the best fit win!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Desi, you dope! Don’t break the bloody machine and let the competition edge you out +facepalm+

    Um, my internet sucks right now, Blams, could you vote for Desi on my behalf? Or just keep a record that I’m voting for her? I promise, I’ll let you know as soon as my BB decides to be good to me (its been almost 2 weeks now so I’m not holding my breath, eish)
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha her breaking it came out of nowhere XD
      Bah I probably won’t update again in a week or so. So just tell me if you voted, and if you didn’t when the time comes I’ll take it into account.


  3. Ooh, it’s getting down to the wire here… I’m proud of you, Luna, but you might want to step it up a little! You’re not terrible, but you’re not good! You’re mediocre!
    It’s so crazy in that house, but hey- it’s entertaining.

    Liked by 1 person

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