Episode 10 – Motherhood (Part 1)



Maxwell: You couldn’t just leave.

Hazel: turns out I’m actually REALLY pissed I got kicked out D:<


7:15 am

“Oh my god Isa, those pancakes smell glorious.”

Isa: Do I get extra points?

“Sorry no.

Ok guys! Welcome back to another great morning! Since we’re down to 5 people, I’ve decided to up point opportunities for bonding time. Everyone will get 1 flirt from Maxwell this morning! Starting with the people with the least points. You get 1 flirt, but Maxwell will stay in case he or you feel like doing a little more ;). The moment one of you leaves, the interaction is over and Maxwell goes to the next one in line. And the line never ends, which means if Maxwell talks to all of you before 12pm, then he’ll start the line over again. Have fun 😀


Isa gets the first flirt!

Though she doesn’t seem that eager to reciprocate…


She runs off pretty quick so it’s already Destiny’s turn!

She also doesn’t seem open to flirts.


But she keeps Maxwell around with some friendly chatter.


He ends up autonomously flirting with her, and THIS time she finally feels in the mood.


Luna blindingly accepts his baby bicycle flirt.


Only to tell him to go clean up the house right afterwards.


Unsurprisingly, Vickie is very open to flirting.


But she got self-conscious and went to take a shower.

I mean ran to take a shower.


Maxwell found Kylie in the bathroom, a flirt was exchanged and…


Nothing more.

Destiny just won at a video game and felt the strong need to brag.


The line started up again! And this time Maxwell decided to exchange a few chats with Isa instead.

She walked away from him after that.


Destiny got in a good couple of interactions. It mostly revolved around her talking and Maxwell trying to flirt.


For some reason she never initiated a flirt herself…not that she ever refused one…


And we’ll finish this morning off with Vickie, once again, attempting to prematurely sit in the fancy bachelorette chair.


“*sighs* Here again. I’m really starting to despise these.

Let’s quickly finish this before I start crying. I actually have good relations with you guys!

Ahem, anyway. First survivor, with a huge 52.65 points is…”



Destiny: Never get bored of smelling flowers!

“Next with 31.34 points…”



Luna: Smell of victory…

“And that means, with 24.17 points…”


Maxwell: Guess this is the end.

Isa: Or is it?

Maxwell: Well for this challenge it is 🙂

Half an hour later…


“Ho ho ho, oh peeps. It’s a big one!

And by big, I mean this is a challenge that won’t only last this afternoon. It will go on for three days and it has a huge point possibility.

It’s a rather famous one…the baby challenge.

The rules are long and diverse so I’ll reveal them as we go along, but I will tell you the big ones.

Basically, in this challenge, you will all give birth to a hypothetical baby between you and our bachelor Maxwell. Your task will be to take care of your child to demonstrate how responsible and mature you are. Points will be given for different interactions, be they with your own or someone else’s child.


There is a bookcase in the room. If you desire to read, you’re more than welcome to and will actually be given 1 point each time you pick a book and read it.

It’s good to sit back and relax sometimes, when surrounded by stressful children.


Of course, if you were to relax with a small drink that would be another matter altogether. Drinking alcohol in presence of children is NOT recommended and you will lose 2 points for that. I know some of you will find this difficult considering you spent the majority of the dance challenge drinking, BUT I believe in you.

You have a duty to care of yourself. A bathroom and fridge have been provided, and your sleep will be taken care of magically/manually.

Also, once the babies are born Maxwell will be in the room to help out, and give you the chance to socialize.”


Let’s begin!


Ahem, well then. Everyone seems to be freaking out over Kylie’s birth…No worries it’s almost over.

And actually points are given to the first people who give birth! Of course, girls, pace yourselves, we want a healthy delivery.

Vickie: *wishes for a boy in the middle of the crisis*

Well then! This calls for 1 point to Kylie! Already thinking of her future child.


First kid born is Kylie’s! That’s 4 points for Kylie!

All kids will be named with the same letter as their parent to make it easier to identify.

She’s named Kendra. She got her mum’s hair and dad’s eyes 🙂


Next up is Vickie’s kid! That’s 3 points for Vickie!

Her name is Valerie. Got her dad’s hair, but her mum’s eyes.


And Luna’s kid! That’s 2 points for Luna!

His name is Luke. Pretty much everything from Luna.


And finally Destiny’s kid! That’s 1 point for Destiny!

His name is Danny and he looks like a mini Maxwell.


Alright! Maxwell is in the room, already wishing he was somewhere else.

The kids have been born and grown up!

Vickie and Kylie are already dominating the challenge points wise…

It’s time to officially begin! Show us what you’re made of ladies!


Valerie and Danny didn’t waste any time in finding something to keep themselves occupied while the adults talk amongst themselves.


Maxwell couldn’t resist, he found Luke and attacked him with a few tickles.

And thus we introduce phantom points. These are points Maxwell gathers on his own and which are available to the mother of the child interacted with. The only way she can receive these points is if she, on her own, begins a conversation with Maxwell. If Maxwell begins a conversation, she doesn’t get the phantom points. (important note: Phantom points are only present during the challenge. If a participant still has phantom points at the end of the challenge, the points are nulled)

Maxwell earns Luna 1 phantom point here.


Destiny also felt a motherly urge, but since her own son is busy playing she decided to attack Kendra with the tickles.

And thus we introduce the stealing of phantom points. By interacting with someone else’s baby a mother can gain a phantom point for herself (activatable by beginning a conversation with Maxwell) by taking a phantom point from someone.

In this case Destiny gains 1 phantom point, and Kylie loses 1 phantom point.

Sounds complicated don’t it? No worries.


Destiny the tickle thief strikes again!

This time stealing 1 phantom point from Vickie for tickling her daughter Valerie!


Having the family trait it’s not surprising Maxwell’s found another child to tickle, this time little Danny.

Destiny earns herself 1 phantom point again!


Destiny is in it for the win!

She steals yet another phantom point from Kylie!

Wait a moment…what’s that in the background?


Seems Vickie couldn’t hold out for long.

She downs a drink and downs -2 points.


Out of challenge context, it seems Kylie and Vickie formed a friendship!

That’s +1 for each 🙂


Having deposited their children in playpens, none of the adults are inclined to interact with them.

In consequence, both Destiny and Vickie find themselves a book and gain 1 point each for it!


Some people aren’t making very wise decisions.

Kylie loses 2 points for drinking!


Vickie initiates a conversation with Maxwell which unlocks her phantom points!

But oh oh, she has -1 phantom points, which means she loses 1 point!


Luna finds a book!

She gains 1 point!

*All playpens get deleted due to adults ignoring toddlers*


Destiny picks Valerie up and puts her in a crib!

But gets no points for it since Valerie had no sleepy moodlet.


Destiny realizes this and tosses Valerie into the air, mooching another phantom point from Vickie.


Vickie initiates a flirt with Maxwell, which means she activates her phantom points!

But unfortunately that means she loses 1 point again! Destiny strikes hard.


Kylie quite literally butts in and starts an interaction of her own which activates her phantom points.

But eep! This means she loses 2 points!


Vickie decides it’s time to play rough and she steals a phantom point from Luna by tickling Luke!


Vickie succumbs again…

She loses 2 points.


Luna finished her book. It’s time for some phantom points.

She steals one from Kylie.


Destiny seems to have it in for Vickie. She scoops Valerie up and steals another phantom point from Vickie while she’s in the shower.


Destiny also decides to feed the poor hungry child!

Any action that pertains to the needs of the toddler gives you 2 points! In this case, Destiny steals 2 phantom points from Vickie!

Of course all these points are useless if Destiny doesn’t cash them in.


She tops it all off by reading a book, gaining 1 point.

Destiny doesn’t have the family oriented trait – this is all her!


Vickie can’t take the heat.

She downs another 2 points.


Vickie activates her phantom points.

Things aren’t going so well for her, she loses 2 points.


Kylie picks up Kendra, her own kid, and gives her a quick toss in the air!

That’s 1 point for Kylie!


Destiny read a bad book and felt the need to complain about it to Maxwell. This in turn activates her phantom points.

Which means she cashes in 8 points!


Ever wonder what your parents do when you’re asleep?

Kylie and Vickie both lose 2 points.


Well then. Clock strikes 3am and most of the kids are tucked in.

Day 1 of this challenge can be concluded! This challenge will continue and end next time.

This means there is no elimination this time around! But there’s still a vote to be had…


Kylie 82.33

Destiny 69.93

Vickie 55.64

Luna 34.57


This vote is for the four little toddlers that were born today! The cutest of the cutest will earn their mother 4 points, the second cutest 3 points, the third 2 and the last one 1!

So vote for the cutest child!


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15 thoughts on “Episode 10 – Motherhood (Part 1)”

  1. OMG I love how you turned our desire to see our Sim nooboos with Max into a challenge! And Go Desi!!! Yeah, probably a good time to point out that in my Legacy Desi was like Uber-Mom! I just hope she doesn’t catch the drink bug that seems to be going around!

    +touch wood a gazillion times so I don’t jinx it+

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha this is funny cause I just sent you a message on Carl’s forum. I really was over reacting wow! I’ve been spending too much time in front of this computer lately

      Yeah let’s not jinx it cause with this chapter she jumped up to second place! I cannot predict who will be the winner, I really can’t haha


      1. Lol and I just spent a year answering your mail lol (you’ll see what I mean when you read it!)

        I totally didn’t expect her to jump to 2nd! But, it’s those phantom points! And the fact that she’s a nooboo magnet lol

        Thanks for worrying about me, Blams! It means a lot ❤
        Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

        Liked by 1 person

    Luna was really good, but then… eh.
    I’m proud of her, though, for not taking a drink. The challenges must be stressful, but… you have to think of the children!
    It’s too bad Luke’s a Luna clone.

    Liked by 1 person

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