Episode 11 – Motherhood (Part 2)

“Welcome back to the continuation of this motherhood challenge! It’s 3am here and there are still 21 hours to go. In other words the challenge will end tomorrow morning at 12am!”

Just a quick reminder that Destiny managed to get herself a total of 11 points, Luna 3, Kylie 1, and Vickie -7.


We’re jumping right back in with Luna unlocking her dormant phantom point from last time. She gains a point!


Vickie doesn’t seem to understand that she loses points when she drinks…

Another -2 for Vickie!


Maxwell awkwardly hugs Kylie’s daughter, Kendra, while the women fight for the rocking chair. He earns Kylie a phantom point.

In case you were wondering, Kendra was not the winner of the cutest baby poll.


As revenge for stealing the rocking chair, Luna feeds Destiny’s child, Danny. Since she’s taking care of his vital needs she steals 2 phantom points from Destiny!

In case you were wondering, Danny was not the winner of the cutest baby poll.


Luna watches with glee as her plan succeeds.

Destiny activates her phantom points, which means she officially loses 2 points! She’s still in the lead though.


Destiny won’t let her advance be taken from so easily.

She tosses Kendra in the air and steals a phantom point from Kylie.


Little Kendra needs to be fed as well and Destiny jumps on the occasion!

Stealing 2 phantom points from Kylie this time.


Destiny got a little pissed when Maxwell winked at Vickie three times so she came to give a piece of her mind…activating her 3 phantom points in the process!

Meanwhile, Vickie heads off to lose 2 more points…


Maxwell, after being called a no-brained-ape, tried to flirt with Destiny.

She was pretty appalled by this, with good reason.


Maxwell apparently doesn’t harbor any ill feelings towards Destiny. He would’ve probably tried to chat more if somebody’s diaper hadn’t started to smell!

Maxwell changes Danny’s diaper, earning Destiny 2 phantom points.


Kylie decides to join in a little more and feeds Luna’s child, Luke, depleting Luna’s phantom points and lessening her own negative phantom points.

In case you were wondering, Luke was the one who won the cutest baby poll.


Okay Vickie.

I think you have a problem.



Destiny takes a break and reads a book



Luna puts Kendra to bed when she needed to sleep.

She steals 2 phantom points from Kylie!


Woah! Stop everything! It’s 8am here and Vickie stepped away from the bar to steal 1 phantom point from Luna!


Luna is quick to get her revenge. She gives Valerie a quick toss in the air and takes back her phantom point from Vickie.


Vickie gives up and downs another 2 points as Luna tickles herself another phantom point.


I think there was a little pity involved in Maxwell changing little Valerie’s diaper.

Since this is a vital need, Vickie gets herself 2 phantom points!


Vickie’s drink gets her ready to go!

She changes Luke’s diaper and steals 2 phantom points from Luna.


Luna’s busy!

Vickie sneaks in another interaction with Luke.


Vickie is on a path of self-destruction.



What’s this? Luna interacting with her own child??

That gains her a real official point!


Destiny flirts with the bachelor, activating her one phantom point.


Vickie needs to calm down!



Luna takes pity on poor Vickie and gives her a good luck charm.

It’s 12pm! There are 12 hours left to the challenge!


Vickie gloats about her found stars to cheer up Maxwell after having been brain-insulted by Luna.

She activates her 4 phantom points!


Unlike Luna, Destiny doesn’t pity Vickie, she’s in it for the win!

She feeds little Valerie the MOMENT she starts feeling puckish and steals 2 phantom points from Vickie.


Vickie can’t take the pressure and loses another 2 points.

Meanwhile, Luna stops insulting Maxwell and decides to flirt with him instead.


A tired Danny gets put to bed, and 2 phantom points are sent Destiny’s way.



Since all the girls are busy standing around, Maxwell helps Vickie’s phantom points by making cute little Valerie laugh.


Vickie attempts an attack!

But Luke wasn’t tired so she gains no phantom points.


Little Danny, who was attempting to sleep with his hat on, gets attacked by the tickle monster.

Maxwell buys Destiny what is clearly a much needed phantom point.


Vickie is more than done with the lack of video games in this nursery and openly complains about it to Maxwell.

She ends up activation her -1 phantom point.


Vickie, as the narrator, I highly suggest you look into rehab centers after this challenge…



Maxwell cannot seem to stop himself from bothering sleeping kids with the tickle monster.

Luna gets a phantom point!

The clock strikes 3pm! 9 hours left.


Destiny saves her own sleepy child from the floor and gets herself 2 official points!







Kylie sneaks in some romantic interactions with the bachelor while Destiny is distracted. Unfortunately, this activates Kylie’s -3 phantom points.

+1 for Destiny.


Alert the press!

Vickie reads a book and gains a point!


Luna pushes Kylie aside and activates a phantom point!


Kendra wakes up and Maxwell and Luna race to go give her some love!

Luna wins and steals a phantom point from Kylie.

The clock strikes 6pm and the countdown begins. 6 hours left.


With 5 hours left to the challenge, Destiny plays her turn and distracts her competition with a ghost story.


Maxwell feeds poor starving Kendra and gains 2 phantom points for Kylie!


Luna scoops up Luke and changes his diaper. She finds herself 2 points in the process!


Kylie on the other hand, changes little Valerie’s diaper and steals 2 phantom points from Vickie.

We’re down to 4 hours! A reminder that all phantom points at the end of the challenge are nulled, so cash them in quickly!


Vickie wastes no time in losing herself some last minute points.


There goes Destiny, napping 2 more phantom points Luna!


With just 3 hours left on the clock, Destiny continues to gather phantom points for one last big combo hit.


Vickie shares plus plus signs with Maxwell and activates her negative phantom points.


Luna gets her revenge and steals 2 phantom points from Destiny.


With 2 hours left, Destiny strikes back, taking a phantom point from Luna.

Meanwhile Maxwell and Vickie flirt.


Luna mooches 2 phantom points from Vickie.


Destiny is savagely accumulating phantom points, but there’s no point if she doesn’t cash them in!

Will she think of talking to Maxwell in the one hour she has left?


The three girls work together in an attempt to lessen Destiny’s phantom points!

45 min to go…



Challenge ends with a tickle monster for Valerie!

Phantom points are nulled!

The final tally is…

Destiny 17 points

Luna 8 points

Kylie -2 points

Vickie -23 points

Those points will be applied to their grand total. Before we head off to find who are the two ladies on the elimination block this time around, here are a few bonus pictures of the toddlers as children! The children will be left to roam in the house. 50% of the mother’s relationship with her child will be added to the grand total.

screenshot-56 screenshot-57 screenshot-58 screenshot-59

Now comes the hard part…


“Surprised to be on the couch even though you won the last challenge with a lot of points Destiny?”

Destiny: A little yes

“You actually have the lowest score of the four right now. You might have won the challenge, but your competition each got an extra 25 pts for their relationship with their child, whilst your relation with Danny is practically non-existent. In your haste to steal from your friends you neglected your own child…

Luna, Destiny, only one of you will survive tomorrow. You will still have the opportunity, per usual, to gain points in the morning – now by conversing with both the bachelor and your hypothetical child – and through the reader vote. Good luck.”


Kylie 118.19

Vickie 82.32

Luna 74.01

Destiny 68.38

Vote for who you want to keep!



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5 thoughts on “Episode 11 – Motherhood (Part 2)”

  1. A great fun challenge. Kudos to Kylie for topping the challenge. To Destiny, ignoring your own child in the race of getting more points was a bad thing. And Vickie should learn to control her thirst. Looking forward for next challenge.

    Liked by 1 person

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