Episode 12 – Mummy’s going on an adventure!

“Well good morning ladies! Seems like some of you got up with the right thought process! Per usual, we’re starting off the day with some good opportunities to rake up some points. Looking at you two, Luna and Destiny. This is your last chance before one of you goes home. Good luck!”

Kylie: Guess what, I’m on top of the food chain. Sounds like you’re coming home with me. *wink*

Vickie: Please don’t get ahead of yourself. I’m not that far behind.

Kylie: I don’t know…30points that sounds like a lot to me.

Vickie: Sorry Luna I needed to yell at someone and Kylie was busy.


Destiny: I’ll just wait till they’re done interacting. And then, then I will strike…

Maxwell: Well I feel kind of ignored.

“From then on the girls were so busy doing other things, that we took pity and Maxwell went around giving everyone a free chat to try and entice conversations.”

Destiny: Know that whatever happens, you’re still my bestest friend.

Kylie: Same here! We’ll keep in contact after I win.

Maxwell: I’m just going to stand here then.

Kylie: Vickie. Vickie.

Vickie: -but I hit that last dinosaur! Got the high score!

Maxwell: That’s awesome!

Kylia: Vvvvvv! I’m trying to flirt here, with my future husband, move off.

“2min left, and these two spent it bickering in the bedroom – where the kids were sleeping! Tut tut girls. Time’s up! Time to gather up and find out who stays, and who leaves.”

“I hope you made the most of your time girls. Whatever happens, it was really great having you! Ah…without further ado, Maxwell if you would.”

Maxwell: Luna! You get to stay with 76.26 points. Great work, here have some yellow flowers. I can’t remember if I’ve given you this color yet…

Luna: Yeeesss! I knew it!

Maxwell: Means this is goodbye Destiny.

“With 70.88 points.”

Destiny: Bah I still made it to the last four!

GOODBYE DESTINY! Thanks for the contribution! Really thought you were going to take the lead there for a second.

We also say goodbye to her kid Danny.

A few hours later…

“Welcome to Egypt ladies, kids and gentleman! Or Al Samirah I believe it’s alternatively called? The next challenge will be spent here! We’ll be here for a total of 3 days, one for each contestant.”

Maxwell: We’ll get to see your sense of adventure!

“That’s right! Each day will be dedicated to one of you girls. You will spend the day with Maxwell and have several opportunities to gain points, while the other two stay at home and have the chance to gain more points by interacting with their children.”

“Any and all wishes made during the day by either you or our bachelor will be fulfilled (while placing priority on your wishes). In the event where you make no wishes you will be sent to fulfill adventures. Now here’s how you win points!

Most money gained from finding objects

Most expensive artifact

Most objects found

Most tombs visited

Most wishes granted

Most ancient coins gathered

Quickest time to finish a tomb

1st place in these will get a huge 15 points, second place 10 points, and third place 5 points. This is either an opportunity for the less fortunate to jump ahead, of the best to stay at top.

Also, random points for originality

As an FYI,

The use of a list randomizer revealed to us who will go first, and that’s Vickie! The second day will be Luna’s, and the last one is Kylie’s!

Before we continue, know that I have never gone and played in Al Simarah before. And so the tombs and etc, are foreign to me. There will be no biased cheating.”

“Vickie’s very first wish was to go visit a pyramid! Have fun!”

Maxwell: Gotta say, the sights are impressive.

“And we finish off with Vickie’s last wish of the day – to be best friends with Maxwell. Pfiou what a day! Not only did Kylie lose 1 point for insulting me, but seems even Luna got fed up with her and froze her.

In total Vickie visited 2 tombs, which took her 3hours24min and 1hour26min to complete. A third tomb required keys she didn’t have access to and so she couldn’t enter it.

Vickie got 9 of her wishes completed and collected a total of 100 ancient coins.

Our alcoholic bookworm gets herself a few originality points. 1 point for Maxwell’s spontaneous combustion – or more specifically the heroic save Vickie did. And 1 point for that random local couple making out on their front yard.”

“Next up Luna! Good luck you two!”

“Kylie stop fighting the locals!”

“Luna also finishes off with 2 tombs on her belt! Which took her 30min and 57min. She went ahead and wished to go into the tombs Vickie had already gotten. Luna’s a sly one.

She had a total of 6 wishes fulfilled and collected 115 ancient coins.

She gets 1 originality point for that gorgeous sunrise. Another 1 point, for that random lady calling our handsome bachelor trash. An extra 1 point had to be attributed when Luna found the magician lady performing in front of the pyramid. She also gains a 1 point for helping out the locals with their problems. Oh and…well 1 last point, because Maxwell wasn’t paying attention as one of the locals tried to put the charms on Luna. Busy on his phone! Maxwell you’re in Egypt!”

Maxwell: *mumbling* sorry

“Finally it’s Kylie’s turn! Use your time well!”

“And they are saved by the day ending and the plane leaving for home! Pfiou! That was a close one, the mummy almost got them. We’ve got to give 1 originality point right now for how you two managed to escape that.”

“Alright! Kylie only managed to do one tomb – the Great pyramid itself, which took her 23 hours. 3 of her wishes were fulfilled and she gathered a grand total of 479 ancient coins!

We’re going to give you 1 originality point for braving those traps. And 1 point for daring to critique some ancient Egyptian art.”

“Now let’s give out prizes!

Most money gained from finding objects

Vickie: 1377$ 10 points

Luna: 1240$ 5 points

Kylie: 6099$ 15 points


Most expensive artifact

Vickie: 405$ 10 points

Luna: 233$ 5 points

Kylie: 865$ 15 points


Most objects found

Vickie: 10 objects 5 points

Luna: 20 objects 10 points

Kylie: 24 objects 15 points


Most tombs visited

Vickie: 2 tombs 10 points

Luna: 2 tombs 10 points

Kylie: 1 tomb 5 points


Most wishes granted

Vickie: 9 wishes 15 points

Luna: 6 wishes 10 points

Kylie: 3 wishes 5 points


Most ancient coins gathered

Vickie: 100 coins 5 points

Luna: 115 coins 10 points

Kylie: 479 coins 15 points


Quickest time to finish a tomb

Vickie: 1hour36min 10 points

Luna: 30min 15 points

Kylie: 23hours 5 points


This, added to the total score gives us the following results!


Kylie 211.83

Vickie 193.28

Luna 181.68

“I think you know what your presence here means ladies. It’s the final sprint. Good luck.”


Vote for who you want to keep!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 12 – Mummy’s going on an adventure!”

  1. *votes for Luna so that there is hopefully a higher point difference* and because Vicky has been a pain with stealing my number one….

    Oh my! We are getting so close!!! Is the next one the last one?! Im so excited to see who wins!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aawww T_T byebye Desi 😦 I’m just glad I got to see a Desimax-boo!

    I voted for Luna to stay because she was my next favourite after my dear darling Desi! [s]not[/s] sorry, Vickie!

    It was lovely to see the tombs in Egypt. With me dedicating all my time to TS4 now, it’s been a while since I’ve seen my second favourite vacation destination (favourite is China). Besides, the Cross Legacy had gotten so buggy and laggy by the time Xenia and the twins were born, that travel really was NOT an option!

    Anyhoo… (Does anyone else see the little genius kid, Franklin, from “My wife and kids” when I say that?!? Or is it just me?!?) I’m going to go mope that Desi is out of the competition

    Brilliant chapter as always, Hun!

    Ok, I love you, buh-bye! *mwah

    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

    Liked by 1 person

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