Episode 13 – Time is relative

7:30 am

“The ride back from Egypt sure was a long one wasn’t it lovelies? I’m feeling it in my back. I have no idea why it took so long to get back home, but hey! We’re here, so let’s get back to the challenge shall we? ;)”

“Now *cough*, if we all remember correctly, we never know with oncoming Alzheimer’s, Luna and Vickie were on the chopping block. This morning is your-”

Kendra: Yes yes, can we get on with it? We all know how each morning starts. Point catch up till 12am, let’s go already.

“Well, I suppose if it’s clear for everyone…good luck!”

Luna: Maxwell! (goes to get up)

Maxwell: What is that smell?

“And so begins the before last morning of this challenge. Kylie is already up for the win, lining up interactions for Maxwell.”

Kendra: Mom this is disgusting.

Kylie: Shush daughter, mom is winning the challenge.

Luke: You’re a horrible mean and rude man!

Maxwell: What??

Luke: Ignoring my mother, you should be ashamed!

Kendra: Yeah you should be! For even considering other ladies apart from my mother!

Maxwell: (Help?)

“Luke’s insult seemed to have worked because Maxwell and Luna seem to have found themselves in a corner with rapidly accumulation interactions…”

Kylie: This is getting ridiculous they’ve been at it for 3 hours.

“I know I’m quite impressed with Luna.”

Kendra: Mom! What are you doing? I thought you were a fighter! You’re supposed to be winning this!

Kylie: Daughter the challenge is already in the bag, don’t lecture me. And it’s 12pm anyways.

“That’s right! Time’s up, it’s time to gather up and say goodbye to one more lady.”

“Oh my old lady heart can’t take this. Please do the honors Maxwell.”

Maxwell: Congratulations Vickie! You get to stay with 190.45 points! Good job, both of you.

Maxwell: Luna? Where are you going?

“Oh I might cry.”

Luna: I already know I lost.

Maxwell: Doesn’t mean I can’t say goodbye can I?

Maxwell: You still got third place with 184.28 points! Congrats!

Luna: 🙂

Luna: Are you sure you don’t want some ice cream?

Luke: Mom I’m not a kid anymore.

Luna: Oh I know, you grew up really fast.

“Goodbye Luna! And thank you for participating!”

“Alright ladies! It’s the last challenge before we get to know who gets to sit in the fancy chair. Your points as of now are quite close, Kylie having 193.96 and Vickie 190.28. This will be a close race, but I believe in both of you.

This specific challenge is less related to your relationship with Maxwell, and more specifically what it will mean to win: A spot in Light the way to Heaven.”

“You have to be ready to face the unexpected. This will be a challenge involving time traveling! The rules are simple and follow the point system you’re already quite familiar with. You will lose –1 a point whenever you break the time machine. Points will be given according to what you find on your travels:

Money (+1 / 1k$)

New clothes (+1)

Spontaneous Child (+5)

Gnome (+2)

Seed (+1)

Duck (+3)

And for this challenge we have a Golden Snitch! Anyone who finds the Thoggus sculpture will at once end the challenge and win +50 points.

Your needs will be taken care of and your travels will alternate between past and future. Godspeed ladies!”

“A quick intermission as Vickie has broken her time machine! That’s -1 point. While she repairs it, we can take the time to look at the summary of what has happened so far…

Vickie was in the lead for a while there, but this small hiccup seems to have given Kylie a chance.”

“Woo! That was a ride! The challenge quite nearly ended right then and there! But luckily for Kylie she found a death seed in her time traveling and managed to escape death. However she still caused a fire (as well as a continuous fire glitch that was handled) so she loses -5 as well as another -10 for dying. But at least she’s not out of the race yet! She still has a chance.”

“Since Vickie has graciously broken the time machine for us again, we can look at the overview.”

“Things aren’t looking good for Kylie. She took the fall hard, but she’s still climbing!”

“And the challenge has ended ladies! Nobody found the Thoggus statue, but you’ve been time traveling enough for your mystery gnomes to procreate and for three bills to have come in. That being a total of 70 times each. I think you’re all quite fed up. The results are intense.

Vickie wins with 64 points and Kylie loses with 33 points.

As of now the total points are;

Vickie 254.28

Kylie 226.96


“But the race isn’t over! You have one last chance to gain extra points! The reader vote. The percent you receive will be converted into points. If you get 80%, that’s a +80! That can drastically change the results. The vote will end at the start of 2018! On January 1st the results will be announced.

Good luck ladies.”


Vote for who you want to win!




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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons

7 thoughts on “Episode 13 – Time is relative”

  1. 60/40 my side… I voted for freckles lol I figure that, if Destiny is out (and Luna) then I may as well random vote lol and the freckles won out. Livvie is really starting to rub off on me 😁

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