#1                          Hazel Grimm


by Iomai

Hazel Grimm, first born daughter of a pair of immortal people; Genesis Grimm and Sephora Gaines, one a self taught alchemist and the other a prince without a kingdom. Hazel has always been exposed to magic so when her parents found out she was a witch, born one actually, they weren't really surprised. "She gets it from her mother's side." They would say, although her mother is not one.
A ball of feisty fierceness Hazel doesn't take shit from anybody. But on more than one occasion she has admitted she was the one in the wrong. Still a fairly new witch to the world, her powers sometimes gets out of control with her anger especially when she was younger and kids used to call her Witch Hazel. Mostly because she never really brushed or combed her crazy amount of hair.
Now that she's older, she got her hair problem under control (most days) and her powers under control too, but she never hesitates to set someone on fire if they do wrong by her. All she wants out of life is someone to love her for her wacky weirdness she gets from he father and someone to help her keep calm with her anger which she gets from her mother. Soon. But if not, she'll probably just stay at home until she finds someone who can keep up with her.

#2                          Luna Solberg


by Cyanyx

Kooky witch

 #3                           Elise Ezra


by thewindsorlegacy


#4                       Corbin Westfall


by Simsered


 #5                     Bridgette Cohen


by Mikizumi

She tends to run into situations without thinking about the consequences. Her necklace was a gift from her brother and is sacred to her.

 #6                        Destiny Cross


by Magpie14031983

Brave adventurous child, always ready to push boundaries, so sure nothing can touch her cuz she's too smart for it! As comfortable in the water as out of it. Until that fateful day when she was 12. The boating accident that killed both her parents and her 4 siblings. Since then, she hates water! Its bad enough that she has to shower and clean with water, but you will never get her setting foot on the beach or a boat.

 Maybe the love of a good man would help her heal! And she could learn to love the water again...

#7                          Kylie Worley


by Ica

Kylie was raised by her aunt and uncle after her parents were killed in an Anti-Supernatural raid. She had a normal life, although sheltered from Supers. However when her aunt dies around the same time Edmund Pallen's health is broadcast over television, her uncle blames her supernatural blood. He opens up that Kylie's parents were supernatural and had placed a charm on her so she appeared human. It is currently unknown what kind of supernatural she is since no one knew her father. She goes searching for answers, about her ancestry, if she was the cause of her aunt's death, if she could unlock her powers.

#8                          Nikita Haney


by Kater Creations

Please meet Nikita Haney. She is looking for true love.

#9                            Vickie Row


by Quackermole

Vickie and her twin brother (Jack) were raised by their father in a small forest town, where everyone knew everyone. She feels as comfortable by herself as she does in a crowd, and is close with everyone she knows. Despite this, when her brother - her best friend - can't convince her to move away for university with him, she decides she needs an adventure of her own.

#10                        Niamh Jarvis


by Senkime

She is a neurotic witch that is artistic as her art shows her brooding side. She is a Libra.

#11                     Canary Arcenciel


by Ani-mei

Canary a vampire. She is an Outdoor Lover who prefers the Cold, she's very Athletic and Flirty but also a bit of a Diva like her grandmother Pom-Pom. She loves O Positive, Geek Rock and the colour Yellow.

#12                       Isa Greenwood


by My #1 fan


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