Episode 14 – Winner Revealed!

“Welcome back ladies, to the final showdown. You’ve both gone through intense obstacles and harrowing eliminations, but after so long, you’ve made it to the end. We will finally know who gets to sit on the throne – who wins this competition!

As of the last time we met, your points were as followed:

Vickie 254.28

Kylie 226.96

Vickie was in the lead with an easy +30 points. However, the reader vote still had yet to be compiled. Here it is now:

And with this new information, the final score is….

Vickie 307.28

Kylie 264.96

Vickie is the final winner! Congratulations! You’ve won a place in Light the way to Heaven as one of Maxwell’s romances. I hear he’s single currently in the story, so you’re right on time!

Now that set is a weird place and I hear a lot of things are getting jumbled around these days, so we can’t really include any kind of guarantee for you in the contract – but we hope this challenge was a lot of fun for you nonetheless – whatever happens!

Thank you Quackermole for our winner!

And thank you to everyone who participated! We had a blast over here and we just hope it was the same for the rest of you!



Episode 8 – Dance with me

3:05 am

screenshot screenshot-2 screenshot-3

7:30 am


“Welcome back to another great day everyone! We’re already down to 7 contestants! We’ve passed the halfway mark.

Looks like you girls are ready to start the day, what with everyone being half an hour early!”


“How was your morning Maxwell?”

Maxwell: *painful groan* fine just fine I’m perfectly fine

“Well then I’ll leave you gals to socialize with Mr.I’m fine while I go prepare this afternoon’s event. If I were you I wouldn’t tire out too much ;)”


Destiny: Are you sure you’re okay? You looked a little queasy…

Maxwell: I’m fine really. But thanks for the concern 😀


Kylie: Yeah, he’s a tough guy. Whatever it is he’s got this right handsome *wink*

Destiny: *grumbling internally*


Hazel: Maybe you ate some jellyfish? I know it always makes me queasy when I eat jellyfish.

Maxwell: I don’t think that was it…


Luna: Maxwell, tell me, do you think I’ll win? Do you?

Maxwell: Well you’re certainly going about it the right way 😀


Vickie: *pushes luna aside* I really liked our dates, we should go grab a meal together again sometime.

Maxwell: If you win we will 🙂

Luna: But we just shared a flirt so I’m pretty much guaranteed to win.

“Wow! Morning is over, and almost everyone talked to Maxwell!”


“Yes. Almost. Niamh seemed to prefer yelling at Kylie.

And Niamh is up for elimination…tut tut…”


Maxwell: And before we head off to the elimination, I have a few freebie points I want to give away. I know this is a competition, but I really encourage that you gals make bonds. So for every friendship you establish, you’ll get a point.


Maxwell: And it makes me really happy to be able to give out points to Kylie and Destiny for becoming friends. +1 for each!


“Now that those points have been distributed…it’s time for the elimination girls.

I hope you’re ready.

So, the person with the most points, 19.83 to be exact is…”



The second with 12.85 is….”


“Isa! Congrats on living another round!

The third, and the one who won the reader vote with 12.25 is…”



And that means, with 11.10 points…”


Niamh: Ah shucks, but I was doing so well!

Maxwell: You’ve been stuck on the elimination block for a little while now…

Niamh: Yeah, but I kept surviving that had to mean something!

Maxwell: I don’t think this challenge was meant for you.

Niamh: Probably not. Ah well, I’ll see you around Maxwell 🙂

“Okay, challenge of the day is ready! Suit up ladies!”


“As it happens, it’s a Social Event!

Starting from now, 14pm, to 4am tomorrow, you’re all going to have the opportunity to work on your relationship with Maxwell!

After your first independent interaction with Maxwell, you get a slow dance with him. After your second, you get to karaoke a song together. And after your third you get a flirt. If you spontaneously ask Maxwell for a dance or to karaoke together, you get a special +1 point. If you step on Maxwell’s foot while dancing, you get -1 point (that means those who practiced dancing with the radio in the game room have an advantage). If Maxwell steps on your foot, you get apology flowers.

All wishes that Maxwell gets directed towards you girls will be fulfilled.

Your needs such as hunger and sleep and hygiene will be taken care of. But your need to pee will be up to you. There’s a bathroom here, I’m sure you can take care of yourself.”


“Have fun gals.

A Social Event is meant to increase your relationship with the bachelor. Don’t waste it!”


Hazel is the first one to interact with Maxwell!

To brag about her broom skills…


She gets her slow dance with Maxwell.


And steps on his foot. Ouch!



Hazel: You shouldn’t have put your foot in the way! It’s your fault!

Er, Hazel insults the bachelor, but this still counts as a second interaction.


She gets her song with him.


Isa sees insulting Maxwell works so she does the same.


She gets a slow dance for her first interaction.


Vickie comes over and compliments Maxwell’s dancing, hoping to get some of that action.


And she does!


Only to step on his toes XP



Some of the gals decide singing karaoke with each other is more fun.


Kylie swoops in for the kill, with a flirt for her first interaction.


Before Maxwell can slow dance with Kylie, Vickie gets her second interaction in.


Maxwell slow dances with Kylie first.

Luna doesn’t seem to be doing too good back there.


While they’re dancing Maxwell gets his first wish!

Wishes are a priority, so we’ll need to fulfill it before Vickie gets her song.


After several flirts to reach Friend status, the interaction finally pops up, and Maxwell gets his wish.


Only to wish for something more.

This one is going to have to wait though.


Vickie, a little tired of waiting, rushes over and gets her third interaction done.


They sing some karaoke…


And then Vickie gets her flirt.


Luna finally attacks and gets her first interaction out of the way.


She gets herself a slow dance.


And steps on his foot!



Kylie’s not done with him yet. She gets her second interaction done.


They enthusiastically sing some karaoke.


Maxwell squeezes in another kiss wish just as the Social Event ends.

Everyone is sent back to the main room except these two who keep autonomously flirting with each other.


And the first first kiss is shared!

Maxwell wished to do something else with Kylie, but the Social Event is finished so it won’t be fulfilled.


“Kylie really took it up today didn’t she gals? Don’t worry, there’ll be another Social Event. What you should worry about is the elimination. Since we’re down to 6 girls, only 3 of you will be up for elimination. And that’s you three.

Good luck.”


Kylie 64.97

Vickie 50.70

Luna 22.08

Destiny 19.27

Isa 10.66

Hazel 7.75

3 ladies up for elimination!

Vote for the one you want to keep!


Episode 7 – Spot the winner!


5 am

“I’m eternally done with these toilets breaking! Let me just hammer these to unbreakable…”


8 am

“Good morning everyone! We had a little bit of trouble this morning, with some people wanting to go play video games *cough* Maxwell *cough*”

Maxwell: I miss my games okay >.>

“Anyway, so today…um”


“Isa you seem to be…holding something?”

Isa: Yes, my pet dragon.

Hazel: It’s very cute, I want one.

“*clears throat* Half an hour early, you girls know the drill. Don’t waste this opportunity! Especially you four: Hazel, Corbin, Niamh and Isa.”


Isa: I think you’re being VERY disrespectful Maxwell. You haven’t said hello to my dragon yet.

Maxwell: Oh um hello

Luna: If I stare long enough, maybe this will give us relationship points. Like a silent, but highly communicative stare.


Isa: Haha and they call me crazy?


Isa: I was kidding about the negative relationship points earlier. Tell me about your day Maxwell.

Hazel: I SWEAR TO GOD KYLIE, if you hog him again-!


Niamh: Haha poor Maxwell, you’re all alone in your corner haha. They all prefer the tv over you.

Maxwell: >_>


Isa: She’s badmouthing us isn’t she.

Destiny: I think Niamh is a little bipolar.


Maxwell: Kylie! *initiates the every day flirt*

Destiny: Kylie is at it again

Isa: Tsk

Kylie: He’s the one who approached me!


“Well then time’s up! Kylie managed to squeeze in some intense flirting for the last ten minutes, but like I just said time’s up! Good on you, Isa, Luna, Destiny, Niamh and Kylie for interacting with the bachelor.

Moving on to the most dreadful part of the day…the elimination.”


Hazel: If I get eliminated I’m going to find Canary. I need to fight a vampire.

“This was a pretty close one, but we didn’t get out first tie though.

First survivor with 8.8 points…”



Maxwell: Hope your dragon likes them 😀

Isa: I do, I do!

“Second, with 7.1 points…”



Maxwell: Don’t make that face D:

Niamh: I can’t accept these when I was so mean to you earlier!

“Next up, with a close 6.8 points…”



Hazel: Ah yes! I’m still in!

“And that means, with 6.7 points…”


Maxwell: Aw too bad Corbin. I don’t know if I could’ve kept up with your werewolf side though.

Corbin: No, I don’t think you could’ve handled this boy.

“Corbin lasted pretty long on the hot seat though. Hope you have better luck elsewhere :)”


“It’s time for a Stargazing Challenge! Ignore the rain. The almighty camera was supposed to fix that.

Anyway, you have from now till 8pm to Search the Galaxy and find as many stars as you can! You can earn points for uniqueness, most expensive type of star, and total cash received. The one with the most amount of cash gets +3, the second most gets +2 and the third most gets +1.

Good luck!”


Niamh spots a meteor!

Isa finds a tiny dwarf star worth 25$!

Vickie discovers a satellite worth 42$!

Kylie also spots a satellite worth 30$!

Luna finds a tiny sub giant worth 55$!

Destiny gestures at a satellite worth 63$!

Isa spots a tiny sub giant worth—oh wait it’s the one Luna found.

Niamh finds herself a tiny super giant worth 630$!!

Vickie gets herself a medium dwarf star worth 65$!

Isa discovers a comet worth 488$!!

Kylie spots a tiny dwarf star worth 25$!

Luna catches herself a tiny dwarf star worth 120$!

Hazel finally finds herself a medium dwarf star worth 80$!

Destiny spots herself a small sub giant worth 60$!

Vickie spots a tiny sub giant worth—oh wait it’s once again the one Luna found.

Luna watches a meteor fall.

Niamh finds a tiny dwarf star worth 25$!


The Host catches a bird!

“Okay girls, challenge is over! It’s 8pm.

Now here’s a summary of all the points everyone has earned.”


Isa received a total of 513$.

She was the only one to discover a comet, which gets her 1 point.


Destiny received a total of 123$.

She was the only one to discover a small sub giant, which gets her 1 point.

She found the most expensive satellite, which gets her 1 point.


Niamh received a total of 655$.

She was the only one to discover a tiny super giant, which gets her 1 point.


Kylie received a total of 55$.


Luna received a total of 175$.

She was the only one to discover a tiny sub giant, which gets her 1 point.

She found the most expensive tiny dwarf star, which gets her 1 point.


Hazel received a total of 80$.


Vickie received a total of 107$.

She found the most expensive medium dwarf star, which gets her 1 point.

“And lastly, 1st place is Niamh with 655$! (+3)

Second place is Isa with 513$! (+2)

And third place is Luna with 175$! (+1)”


“I’m sure you’ve figured out why you four are gathered here.

Hazel, Niamh, Isa and Destiny, your scores are the lowest. Some of you because you insulted the bachelor. *looks at Niamh*.

Good luck for tomorrow, sleep well.”

Bird: *makes bird sound*


Vickie 37.60

Luna 21.41

Kylie 20.77

Destiny 18.52

Isa 13.01

Niamh 7.99

Hazel 7.74


4 ladies up for elimination!

Vote for who you want to keep!


Episode 6 – Right in the feels!


8 am

Destiny/Luna/Corbin/Canary: Aahhhh nooo it’s Kylie!

Kylie: ??

“*rolls eyes* Let’s try to be a little mature here girls…

Hazel where are you?”

Hazel: Sorry finishing my game! I’m there, I’m there, give me five seconds.

“*shakes head*”


“Alright, it’s day 6 girls. It’s almost been a week! The days are going by fast and so are your points. Per usual we have some bonding time this morning, an elimination at 12pm and then…a Tournament! And it will be the last one! Yes, the last one. Which means this will be your last chance to win yourself a date girls!

Well then get to your bonding! You have 36 extra minutes this time.”


Canary: I have a lot of points I need to catch up on. I don’t think I can do it.

Corbin: Well they’re busy yelling at each other again, so pretty sure the field is wide open.


Maxwell: *blows a kiss*



Kylie: That was DISGUSTING. Why were you trying to blow bacteria in my face??

Maxwell: Why do I even try


Niamh: *pushed Canary’s interaction out of the way* I need to talk about my feelings. Towards you. And you’re handsome face.

Maxwell: I’m listening


Isa: But wait! *budges in* Have you ever played sims? Doesn’t it seem odd how we all magically climb out of our beds at exactly 7am every single day without an alarm clock? As if were being controlled??


Vickie: Forget her. That’s insane talk.

Niamh: That was a little weird.

Isa: You don’t understand…

Vickie: Let’s talk about the non-existent weather.


Isa: And then Luna budged in. Why is everyone coming into this conversation?

Nimah: You started it.


Corbin: Maxwell! I have feelings I need to share.

Isa: I’m going to set something on fire soon.


Maxwell: *remembers that date* *blows a kiss*

Luna: WOAHWOAHWOAH ew no stop

Maxwell: Maybe I’m not cut out for this.


Luna: *attempts to flirt right after*

Maxwell: Look no! There’s only so much I can take!

Corbin: *is quite pleased*


Destiny: The ultimate camera missed it, but Canary just slapped me in the face FOR NO REASON

Canary: You stepped on my FOOT my FOOT


Niamh: There are actually five minutes left to bonding time, but I need to use it to express my complaints concerning Isa and her butting in problem.

Maxwell: Geez Niamh, you know how I feel about badtalking other contestants.

“And that’s it!”


“That was an…interesting morning. Well good job on Kylie, Niamh, Isa, Vickie, Luna, and Corbin for at least interacting with Maxwell. Everyone lost or gained points today – some due to not talking to Maxwell.

Time for lunch break.”


“It’s time.”

Maxwell: This is not getting any easier.

“Well then girls, first survivor, with a nice 9.82 points is….”



Niamh: Yes!

“Next with 8.41 points is…”



Maxwell: Hope you like them!

Hazel: Oh I do I do!

“Next with 7.05 points…”



Corbin: Ooh! So pretty!

Maxwell: 😀

“And that means with -15.70 points…”


Maxwell: It’s a real shame Canary. But I think it’s the slapping part that did you in.

Canary: Does it still hurt?

Maxwell: >.> a little…

Canary: *laughs* It’s okay no hard feelings right?

Maxwell: Right 🙂

Tournament time! And it’s going to be a fun one :D”


“Because who doesn’t want to play floating dartboards in the rain? *thumbs up*

Rules are similar to the other tournaments. Win a game get +1. This one has a special bonus: every dart you throw right in the middle gets you +3. Final winner gets a date!

Points in the dart game are as follow: Darts on the floor don’t count, darts on the outside count as 0.25, darts on the third ring are 0.50, darts on the second ring are 0.75 and darts in the middle are 1.00.

Everyone’s been grouped a little differently this time. Instead of having the ones with the most points compete with each other so: 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, etc, we’ve grouped you up as: 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5.

Well that’s pretty much it!”


“Prepare your darts!”


A rocky start…


The first turn is played, and no one’s hit the middle. Dart points…

Vickie – 1.75

Kylie – 1.25

Luna – 1.00

Destiny – 1.75


Time for the other four! Quite a few fallouts…but here are the dart points…

Corbin – 1.25

Hazel – 1.25

Niamh – 1.75

Isa – 1.00


Yes you saw that right! Niamh scored a middle ring! That’s +3 for her!

Results of the first round are…


Vickie wins against Corbin!



Not much doubt, Niamh wins against Luna!



And Destiny wins against Isa!


Hazel and Kylie had a tie! So they’re going to play another game to decide the winner.


Kylie’s dart points are: 1.25


Hazel’s dart points are: 1.75

Hazel wins! +1


Round two!

Vickie vs Hazel

Destiny vs Niamh


Vickie’s dart points are: 2.00

And she scores a middle ring! +3


Destiny’s dart points are: 2.00

It’s Hazel and Nimah’s turn…


They don’t do so well…

Hazel: 1.25

Niamh: 1.00

Vickie and Destiny win! +1 each!


It’s time to decide who will win the date with Maxwell!


It’s an okay start with dart points of 1.50. But what can you expect with Vickie closing her eyes?


It was a close one, but Destiny missed a dart which leaves her with 1.00 dart points.

Vickie wins a date! +1

Another one? Yes seems, she’s managed to coin 2 dates out of 3.

“Before we move onto to the date…it’s time for the elimination warning, if you will.”


“You four have the lowest scores; Hazel, Corbin, Isa and Niamh. And three of you are veterans in this area.

I suggest you don’t dilly dally tomorrow. Vickie is a strong competitor. It’s going to take a lot to take her down.”


For their second date, Vickie and Maxwell had a small meal at a nearby bistro and then went to visit the arboretum.

They sat down and chatted near some fountains.


Maxwell tried a move on her, and it went pretty well. They cuddled a bit in front of the water before taking a little stroll.


Vickie got her flirts, and initiated nothing of her own. Maxwell received no wishes for her.

After a little while of not awkward silent gazing into each other’s eyes, Vickie went off to read a book on a nearby bench and Maxwell sat down beside her.


They spent the rest of the evening like so.


Vickie 36.03

Destiny 18.43

Kylie 17.48

Luna 17.09

Niamh 14.98

Isa 14.01

Hazel 8.41

Corbin 8.32


4 ladies up for elimination!

Vote for the one you want to keep!



Episode 5 – 8-ball, 8-ball on the floor…


4 am

Corbin: I’m ready

“I doubt that.”

Corbin: Where is everyone

“Go back to sleep Corbin.”


8 am

“Welcome to your 5th day! Per usual-”

Maxwell: *pokes her* *whispers* Is today that challenge?

“What? No, no, Maxwell. ANYWAY, bonding time with an extra 45 min this time. Neat! Corbin, Hazel, Niamh and Bridgette, this is your last chance! I’d get a move on if I were you. All of your needs have been taken care of. You have NO excuses. Now git!”


Maxwell: *begins with of course, a Kylie flirt*

Canary: I’ve figured out what’s wrong. Kylie has the irresistible trait.

Isa: Oooohhhhhhhh that makes sense


Everyone: WAIT isn’t that an unfair advantage!!??? MAXWELL

Maxwell: What?? *very confused*

Canary: She’s such a **** tho. Why am I the only that sees this? *proceeds to accuse Kylie of being a diva*


Maxwell: Don’t insult the other contestants! You’re a vampire, have more composure! *ain’t taking bad attitude this one*

Canary: !?


Canary: And you’re not supposed to play favorites! *slaps*


Maxwell: I wasn’t! But insulting others doesn’t sit well with me 😡


Canary: Ah shoot I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to slap you.

Maxwell:…didn’t hurt that much, but you have one hell of a temper don’t you? *Canary lost 19 relationship points because of this!! Along with all the times she went back to Maxwell to insult him…*


Niamh: *watching Isa tell a ghost story*




Maxwell: *magically gains irresistible trait to counteract Kylie*

Niamh: *doesn’t take two seconds she runs over* MAXWELL, I mean Luna right? Geesus

Maxwell: Um what?


Niamh: I mean YOU, you’re super handsome! And look at me, I finally have the courage to get relationship points, I’m so happy!

Maxwell: *awkward smile*


Hazel: You should see me, I have mean broom riding skills 😉

Canary: Hazel get the hell out of my way I need to complain about there being a lack of an exercise machine.

“Time’s up!”


“Well surprise surprise. I don’t think we’ll be getting any more trouble with bonding time from now on. Kylie, Canary, Niamh and Hazel spoke to Maxwell today. Good job! Well apart from Canary…what are you trying to do? Make him your enemy??

Anyway, it’s time for the third elimination…”


“Girls…here we go.

First to survive, with an impressive 7.5 points is…”



Maxwell: Lovely flowers for a lovely lady?

Niamh: I made it? I’m alive? I MADE IT!


Niamh: These flowers smell soo good

Maxwell: You like them?? *overflowing with joy*

“*ahem* Next with 5.3 points is…”



Hazel: That’s the color!

Maxwell: :D:D:D:D

And third with 4.4 points is…”



Corbin: *begins to sneeze*

Maxwell: Third time was not the charm…

“And that means Bridgette lost, with 1.3 points.”


Maxwell: You didn’t really seem that into it. You were on your own with the other girls a lot.

Bridgette: Well I’m kind of shy and well…you’re not really my type tbh.

Maxwell: I get the feeling I might see you around though.

Bridgette: Yeah, same 🙂

“Challenge time!”


“A fancy simple challenge! There will be 3 rounds. One at a time – starting with the lowest points – you’ll come up front here, grab the 8-ball and ask a question. If the answer is positive you gain a point, move on to the jellybean tree, and get to stay for the next round. If the answer is neutral you get no points, eat no jellybean, but get to stay for the next round. If the answer is negative, you get no point, eat no jellybean, and don’t get to stay for the next rounds.

At the jellybean tree you have the possibility to lose or gain points (or nothing at all). You gain points by eating a jellybean and glowing either yellow or blue. +1 for blue and +2 for yellow. You lose points if you get electrocuted (-1), if you cause a fire (-5), or die (-10). Any other state imposed by the jellybean does nothing to your points. Also, Maxwell will be in the room while you wait for you turn, if you want to work on relationship points.

Order will be: Canary, Corbin, Hazel, Isa, Destiny, Niamh, Luna, Kylie and Vickie.”


“Canary is first! First question is…”

Canary: Will I find true love? *winks at Maxwell*


Looking good! +1


Canary eats a jellybean…


And gets electrocuted! (there’s a 2.5% chance of this happening -_-)

That’s -1. So much for the point you just won.


And on top of that, it causes a fire! -5

Really not Canary’s day. But at least she stays for the next round.


It’s Corbin’s turn and Destiny jumps on the opportunity to talk to Maxwell.


Awesome! +1


Corbin eats a jellybean…


And also gets electrocuted! (I repeat, 2.5%)

So much for that point -1

No fire was caused, oof.


Hazel’s turn!


Well, Hazel’s out.


Isa’s turn!


She’s out too.


Destiny’s turn!


She’s in! +1


Destiny eats a jellybean and turns blue! That’s +1!

Hazel squeezes in a chat with Maxwell.


Niamh’s turn!


Or not…


Luna’s turn!


Luna’s got this. +1


Luna eats a jellybean while Isa salutes Maxwell for his handsomeness.


Nothing happens to Luna.

Just a little bit of stink….


It’s Kylie’s turn! While Hazel remembers she’s a witch!


Kylie’s in it for the win! +1


Eats a jellybean…(while Isa keeps Maxwell to herself)


And turns yellow!

That’s +2


Finally, Vickie’s turn!


Vickie stays next round! +1


Eats a jellybean…

And nothing happens.

Round two! : Canary, Corbin, Destiny, Luna, Kylie and Vickie


Canary picks up the 8-ball, still charred!

This time’s question is…

Canary: Can I have a friend?


Apparently not.


Corbin’s turn!


Corbin can have friends. +1


Corbin eats a jellybean while Hazel angrily slaps Kylie.

Nothing happens.


Destiny’s turn!


The 8-ball seems undecided on Destiny’s friendship possibilities.

No points, but she stays for the next round.


Luna’s turn!


Good for her! +1


Luna eats a jellybean and nothing happens…yet again.


Kylie’s turn!




And finally Vickie!


She’s trying again! +1


Vickie eats a jellybean in front of an unhappy Kylie…

And nothing happens.

Round three! : Corbin, Destiny, Luna, and Vickie


Corbin’s turn!

The question this time is…

Corbin: Should I have kids?


Well then


Destiny’s turn!




Luna’s turn!


No luck here


And finally Vickie!


So nobody should get kids…


“It’s that time of the day ladies, and you four have the lowest points. And by lowest, I mean REALLY low *stares at Canary who was constantly complaining about people to Max*. You know the drill girls. The vote and tomorrow morning. Good luck.”


Vickie 27.03

Kylie 20.48

Destiny 18.43

Luna 17.75

Isa 12.67

Niamh 11.32

Hazel 8.08

Corbin 6.68

Canary -18.43


4 ladies up for elimination!

Vote for who you want to keep!



Episode 4 – She’s on fire!

2 am


Vickie: I don’t understand. At this point my victory is assured. Why can’t I sit on the throne?

“This is exactly why we put up this fence. And your victory is not assured dear, there’s still several challenges to overcome.”


6 am

Kylie: Ah! What an outrage! Couldn’t this plant put a little more effort in its appearance?


Kylie: This pond-puddle however! Perfectly placed! Most definitely not in people’s way! It’s not like anyone in real life would constantly step in it!

“-_- well today will be interesting.”

8 am


Nikita: OK let’s just start this already *grumble grumble*

Everyone: *kinda stares*

Nikita: I’m just NOT a morning person okay



“OK so it’s the morning and it’s bonding time! Which means-”

Maxwell: I think they kind of know what happens in the morning at this point.

“You’d think, but there’s always a lack of bonding happening.”


“I shouldn’t need to say it, but I’ll say it anyways. Hazel, Luna, Nikita, Bridgette, this is your last chance at survival before the elimination. Don’t let time pass you by!

Since you guys actually managed to assemble with pretty good timing, you have 20 minutes extra to bond! Use them well ;)”


Corbin: Get back! I’m in a foul mood right now! And your face is annoying me 😡


Kylie: OH shush! You’re just jealous because I have more points than you so far.

Isa: Wow didn’t expect to get such a show this morning!


Maxwell: *per usual, compliments appearance* I can’t seem to get over your hair. I like the color orange.

Kylie: Cool. Awesome. Yes. Um.



Niamh: Ok you need to back OFF Kylie and let us get some points! And you’re not even that pretty soooo

Kylie: *le gasp* That’s mean 😦

Maxwell: *almost actually scolded Niamh for being mean, but routing fails saved Niamh*


Maxwell: I’m starting to wonder if this is my bachelorette challenge or Kylie’s BFF challenge.

Niamh: I’m sorry I didn’t mean that, I do think you’re pretty.

Kylie: It’s okay, I understand.


Nikita: UM? She’s destroying the couch??? Someone??

Corbin: I just have a lot of anger right now ok


“So this was beyond disappointing. Kylie was the only one who had any changes in her relationships, and I do mean relationships. This isn’t about befriending or befrenemying Kylie here girls. Some of you who’d managed to get a relationship with Maxwell have actually lost relationship points now.

I did notice that a lot of you were hungry and heading off to make a bunch of waffles, so we’ll install a new rule. From now on, your needs will be fixed at 8 am. That way you’re less probable to get distracted.”


“It’s time for today’s elimination girls. No point in postponing it.

Starting with the highest score of the four, a score of 3.2 points…”



Maxwell: Hope you’ll accept them! 😀


Hazel: What are these daisies? You could’ve put a little more effort into it.

Maxwell: -_-‘

“Second survivor, and also winner of the reader vote, with 1.4 points…”



Maxwell: These aren’t pink this time!

Luna: Yellow is even worse!

“Third survivor, with 1.3 points…”



Maxwell: Red flowers for the pretty red head?

Bridgette: I UH NO –I can’t accept these! – I don’t – I don’t know you well enough!!


“Which means Nikita is the one leaving today, with 1.1 points.”

Maxwell: That’s too bad. Maybe if you hadn’t been feeling so down this morning, we could’ve chatted a bit.

Nikita: Guess I missed my chance.

“It’s Tournament time again! Oh yes, I said Tournament! They’re more fun with a lot of people anyway :D”


“The rules are almost exactly the same as the table tennis tournament. Everyone has been paired up according to points. The ones with the most points are pitted against each other, etc.

To be exact, this is a Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament! Because who doesn’t love playing that silly game ;).

One point per win. Final winner gets a Date! Draws are redone. Each match is a two out of three. Begin!”


Some people aren’t playing fair *cough* IsaVickie *cough*


Kylie wins the match!

Our first place contestant gets no points today…


Isa loses!

Destiny gains a point!


Even with her repeatedly using her werewolf advantage, Corbin lost to Canary.


After three retries because these two kept playing the same thing, Hazel loses!


Luna wins against Bridgette!


Round two! Kylie vs Destiny

And Luna vs Niamh; winner against Canary.

Because apparently Kylie and Canary are sworn enemies and therefore refuse to play rock paper scissors together.


Luna wins against Niamh!


Destiny loses!


It’s Luna vs Canary, winner against Kylie!


Luna is on fire! She wins again!


Final battle, winner gets a date with Maxwell…


And Luna wins by a close shave!

She wins a date! She’s certainly got her head in the game this time!


“*sigh* This really doesn’t get easier. I’m seeing some familiar faces and few unfamiliar ones. But Luna is the prime example that it’s possible to bounce back from this! She went from one of the last ones, to 5th!

Well either way, it’s down to you five for tomorrow’s elimination. I can only take four though…”


“And Canary is the lucky one this time! Not only does she have the most points out of all of you, but she lasted pretty long in today’s tournament.”


“You know what you have to do you four. You have till tomorrow at 12.”



Maxwell took his date out to a small bistro to eat, and then they came to a small beach to enjoy the sunset.


Maxwell really enjoyed the view I gather.


Luna is really dedicated to winning this now! After responding neutrally to Maxwell’s three flirts, she initiated one of her own!

Causing Maxwell to in turn flirt of his own accord 🙂

There was some back and forth, earning Luna some pretty neat relationship points that boosted her up to second place!

Maxwell rolled no wishes for her.


Vickie 27.03

Luna 17.75

Kylie 16.15

Destiny 6.08

Isa 6

Canary 4.32

Corbin 4.08

Niamh 4

Hazel 3

Bridgette 1


4 ladies up for elimination!


Vote for the one you want to keep!

Episode 3 – Race to the finish line!

3 am


Elise : I can’t sleep! T-T I’m so stressed out for tomorrow’s elimination.

Kylie: You mean today’s

Elise: Whatever. What are you doing up?


Kylie: Oh you know, admiring my future throne

Elise: >.>


Niamh: Hey guys, I can’t sleep either. WHAT IF I LOSE

Elise: I heard you were the one with the most votes for the poll 😡

Kylie: This is getting ridiculous it’s 3 am


Niamh: Hazel can be SO annoying sometimes with that hothead of hers!


Kylie: I was going to bed -_-



“Getting everyone seated this morning was EXCESSIVELY difficult! We’ve already lost 6 min. Hope you’ll be more awake for this morning’s bonding time! Get your heads in the game, especially you four: Luna, Niamh, Elise and Nikita. This is your last chance to grab some more points. Well off you go!”


Maxwell: Everyone seems to have better things to do than talk to me…Are you going to run away again?

Kylie: No! Of course not *bats eyes*


Kylie: *left to go to bathroom* Someone’s there already!

Maxwell: ….

Destiny: Come on Elise! You got this! Go get those points!

Elise: Okay!


Maxwell: *comes over on his own* What’s going on over here?

Destiny: Talk about timing

Elise: UH points yes?


Luna: What’s going on here, why wasn’t I invited?

Maxwell: This group conversation suddenly got real big.


Luna: Everyone is on him. 😦 I didn’t get a chance.


Bridgette: It’s your turn now Niamh! Hurry get in there!

Niamh: Okay! Let me just…gather up my courage…


Luna: How is it fair when the bachelor himself apparently has a favorite??

“Time’s up! Different people talked to Maxwell this time! Good job: Kylie, Elise and Destiny. It’s still not a lot, but better than nothing.”


“I’m surprised by you four. I expected you to put a little more effort into it. Nonetheless, it’s time to reveal who’s going home.

The top score of the four, with 3,8 is…”



Maxwell: Congrats! You get to stay!


Niamh: I’m allergic to these flowers! I can’t accept them!

Maxwell: OH….my bad

“Next up, with 2,3 points…”



Nikita: AH! Was that a bee??

Maxwell: Erm, yay! You get to stay?

“Third winner, with 1,5 points…”



Luna: No no no I can’t accept flowers! Not pink flowers!

Maxwell: This is really dampening my ego.

“And that leaves the last contestant, with 0,9 points…”


Maxwell: It’s a shame Elise. I would’ve liked to know you better.

Elise: Yeah…

Maxwell: Thanks for trying. Maybe I’ll see you around?

Elise: 😀 Who knows?

“With that, it’s already time for this afternoon’s Challenge.


“Which is a RACE! This is an obstacle course with several opportunities to gain points. For every obstacle you finish without chickening/be thrown out of, you get 1 point. First person to complete the obstacle course – no matter if they failed or succeeded the obstacles – get 3 points. Second place gets 2 points. And third place gets 1 point. That doesn’t mean skip all the obstacles! Put some effort in this ladies. Okay..ready..set..go!”


Isa hops onto the firewalker without any hesitation and speeds to the end of the first obstacle! +1


Niamh and Kylie do the same!


Bridgette, Corbin, Canary and Luna soon follow suit.

Nikita got burned however!


Hazel makes it to the end! Destiny and Vickie are the only ones left!


They make it through without much trouble 🙂

Bridgette gets a little burned in the process…


Next up is the riding bull obstacle! And Canary was already thrown off!

Screenshot-26 Screenshot-27

Kylie is the first to master the bull!


Niamh masters the bull! And Vickie has already rushed to the climbing wall!


Isa wins the second obstacle!


Vickie finishes the race! She gets +1 for finishing the last obstacle, and +3 for being first!


Destiny finishes second! That’s +1 and +2!


And Canary is third! That’s +1 and +1!


Everyone else manages to finish the last obstacle successfully except Luna unfortunately.

“And that’s the end of today’s challenge!”


It’s time to say good bye to Elise, thank you so much for her submission!

Hopefully she’ll have better luck elsewhere 😉

“That brings the bachelorette count to 11! Which also happens to bring us to tomorrow’s elimination.”


“You five have the lowest scores…I’m seeing some familiar faces here. Tut tut.”

Hazel: Vickie has an insane amount of points, it’s hardly fair, she should get some sort of penalty > 😦

“Most of those are her relationship points with Maxwell. Might want to look into that. I’m only taking 4 people for the elimination so…”


“Niamh you can go. You had a stellar performance today on the bull riding machine! You get a free pass out of this elimination.”

Niamh: Yes!


“As for you four, you know how to redeem yourselves. Let’s see if you two can survive the elimination again Nikita and Luna.

Good luck girls.”


Vickie 29.03

Kylie 9.40

Destiny 7.08

Isa 6

Canary 5.32

Corbin 4

Hazel 3

Niamh 3

Luna 1

Nikita 1

Bridgette 1


4 girls up for elimination!

Vote for the one you want to keep!