Episode 14 – Winner Revealed!

“Welcome back ladies, to the final showdown. You’ve both gone through intense obstacles and harrowing eliminations, but after so long, you’ve made it to the end. We will finally know who gets to sit on the throne – who wins this competition!

As of the last time we met, your points were as followed:

Vickie 254.28

Kylie 226.96

Vickie was in the lead with an easy +30 points. However, the reader vote still had yet to be compiled. Here it is now:

And with this new information, the final score is….

Vickie 307.28

Kylie 264.96

Vickie is the final winner! Congratulations! You’ve won a place in Light the way to Heaven as one of Maxwell’s romances. I hear he’s single currently in the story, so you’re right on time!

Now that set is a weird place and I hear a lot of things are getting jumbled around these days, so we can’t really include any kind of guarantee for you in the contract – but we hope this challenge was a lot of fun for you nonetheless – whatever happens!

Thank you Quackermole for our winner!

And thank you to everyone who participated! We had a blast over here and we just hope it was the same for the rest of you!


Episode 13 – Time is relative

7:30 am

“The ride back from Egypt sure was a long one wasn’t it lovelies? I’m feeling it in my back. I have no idea why it took so long to get back home, but hey! We’re here, so let’s get back to the challenge shall we? ;)”

“Now *cough*, if we all remember correctly, we never know with oncoming Alzheimer’s, Luna and Vickie were on the chopping block. This morning is your-”

Kendra: Yes yes, can we get on with it? We all know how each morning starts. Point catch up till 12am, let’s go already.

“Well, I suppose if it’s clear for everyone…good luck!”

Luna: Maxwell! (goes to get up)

Maxwell: What is that smell?

“And so begins the before last morning of this challenge. Kylie is already up for the win, lining up interactions for Maxwell.”

Kendra: Mom this is disgusting.

Kylie: Shush daughter, mom is winning the challenge.

Luke: You’re a horrible mean and rude man!

Maxwell: What??

Luke: Ignoring my mother, you should be ashamed!

Kendra: Yeah you should be! For even considering other ladies apart from my mother!

Maxwell: (Help?)

“Luke’s insult seemed to have worked because Maxwell and Luna seem to have found themselves in a corner with rapidly accumulation interactions…”

Kylie: This is getting ridiculous they’ve been at it for 3 hours.

“I know I’m quite impressed with Luna.”

Kendra: Mom! What are you doing? I thought you were a fighter! You’re supposed to be winning this!

Kylie: Daughter the challenge is already in the bag, don’t lecture me. And it’s 12pm anyways.

“That’s right! Time’s up, it’s time to gather up and say goodbye to one more lady.”

“Oh my old lady heart can’t take this. Please do the honors Maxwell.”

Maxwell: Congratulations Vickie! You get to stay with 190.45 points! Good job, both of you.

Maxwell: Luna? Where are you going?

“Oh I might cry.”

Luna: I already know I lost.

Maxwell: Doesn’t mean I can’t say goodbye can I?

Maxwell: You still got third place with 184.28 points! Congrats!

Luna: 🙂

Luna: Are you sure you don’t want some ice cream?

Luke: Mom I’m not a kid anymore.

Luna: Oh I know, you grew up really fast.

“Goodbye Luna! And thank you for participating!”

“Alright ladies! It’s the last challenge before we get to know who gets to sit in the fancy chair. Your points as of now are quite close, Kylie having 193.96 and Vickie 190.28. This will be a close race, but I believe in both of you.

This specific challenge is less related to your relationship with Maxwell, and more specifically what it will mean to win: A spot in Light the way to Heaven.”

“You have to be ready to face the unexpected. This will be a challenge involving time traveling! The rules are simple and follow the point system you’re already quite familiar with. You will lose –1 a point whenever you break the time machine. Points will be given according to what you find on your travels:

Money (+1 / 1k$)

New clothes (+1)

Spontaneous Child (+5)

Gnome (+2)

Seed (+1)

Duck (+3)

And for this challenge we have a Golden Snitch! Anyone who finds the Thoggus sculpture will at once end the challenge and win +50 points.

Your needs will be taken care of and your travels will alternate between past and future. Godspeed ladies!”

“A quick intermission as Vickie has broken her time machine! That’s -1 point. While she repairs it, we can take the time to look at the summary of what has happened so far…

Vickie was in the lead for a while there, but this small hiccup seems to have given Kylie a chance.”

“Woo! That was a ride! The challenge quite nearly ended right then and there! But luckily for Kylie she found a death seed in her time traveling and managed to escape death. However she still caused a fire (as well as a continuous fire glitch that was handled) so she loses -5 as well as another -10 for dying. But at least she’s not out of the race yet! She still has a chance.”

“Since Vickie has graciously broken the time machine for us again, we can look at the overview.”

“Things aren’t looking good for Kylie. She took the fall hard, but she’s still climbing!”

“And the challenge has ended ladies! Nobody found the Thoggus statue, but you’ve been time traveling enough for your mystery gnomes to procreate and for three bills to have come in. That being a total of 70 times each. I think you’re all quite fed up. The results are intense.

Vickie wins with 64 points and Kylie loses with 33 points.

As of now the total points are;

Vickie 254.28

Kylie 226.96


“But the race isn’t over! You have one last chance to gain extra points! The reader vote. The percent you receive will be converted into points. If you get 80%, that’s a +80! That can drastically change the results. The vote will end at the start of 2018! On January 1st the results will be announced.

Good luck ladies.”


Vote for who you want to win!




Episode 12 – Mummy’s going on an adventure!

“Well good morning ladies! Seems like some of you got up with the right thought process! Per usual, we’re starting off the day with some good opportunities to rake up some points. Looking at you two, Luna and Destiny. This is your last chance before one of you goes home. Good luck!”

Kylie: Guess what, I’m on top of the food chain. Sounds like you’re coming home with me. *wink*

Vickie: Please don’t get ahead of yourself. I’m not that far behind.

Kylie: I don’t know…30points that sounds like a lot to me.

Vickie: Sorry Luna I needed to yell at someone and Kylie was busy.


Destiny: I’ll just wait till they’re done interacting. And then, then I will strike…

Maxwell: Well I feel kind of ignored.

“From then on the girls were so busy doing other things, that we took pity and Maxwell went around giving everyone a free chat to try and entice conversations.”

Destiny: Know that whatever happens, you’re still my bestest friend.

Kylie: Same here! We’ll keep in contact after I win.

Maxwell: I’m just going to stand here then.

Kylie: Vickie. Vickie.

Vickie: -but I hit that last dinosaur! Got the high score!

Maxwell: That’s awesome!

Kylia: Vvvvvv! I’m trying to flirt here, with my future husband, move off.

“2min left, and these two spent it bickering in the bedroom – where the kids were sleeping! Tut tut girls. Time’s up! Time to gather up and find out who stays, and who leaves.”

“I hope you made the most of your time girls. Whatever happens, it was really great having you! Ah…without further ado, Maxwell if you would.”

Maxwell: Luna! You get to stay with 76.26 points. Great work, here have some yellow flowers. I can’t remember if I’ve given you this color yet…

Luna: Yeeesss! I knew it!

Maxwell: Means this is goodbye Destiny.

“With 70.88 points.”

Destiny: Bah I still made it to the last four!

GOODBYE DESTINY! Thanks for the contribution! Really thought you were going to take the lead there for a second.

We also say goodbye to her kid Danny.

A few hours later…

“Welcome to Egypt ladies, kids and gentleman! Or Al Samirah I believe it’s alternatively called? The next challenge will be spent here! We’ll be here for a total of 3 days, one for each contestant.”

Maxwell: We’ll get to see your sense of adventure!

“That’s right! Each day will be dedicated to one of you girls. You will spend the day with Maxwell and have several opportunities to gain points, while the other two stay at home and have the chance to gain more points by interacting with their children.”

“Any and all wishes made during the day by either you or our bachelor will be fulfilled (while placing priority on your wishes). In the event where you make no wishes you will be sent to fulfill adventures. Now here’s how you win points!

Most money gained from finding objects

Most expensive artifact

Most objects found

Most tombs visited

Most wishes granted

Most ancient coins gathered

Quickest time to finish a tomb

1st place in these will get a huge 15 points, second place 10 points, and third place 5 points. This is either an opportunity for the less fortunate to jump ahead, of the best to stay at top.

Also, random points for originality

As an FYI,

The use of a list randomizer revealed to us who will go first, and that’s Vickie! The second day will be Luna’s, and the last one is Kylie’s!

Before we continue, know that I have never gone and played in Al Simarah before. And so the tombs and etc, are foreign to me. There will be no biased cheating.”

“Vickie’s very first wish was to go visit a pyramid! Have fun!”

Maxwell: Gotta say, the sights are impressive.

“And we finish off with Vickie’s last wish of the day – to be best friends with Maxwell. Pfiou what a day! Not only did Kylie lose 1 point for insulting me, but seems even Luna got fed up with her and froze her.

In total Vickie visited 2 tombs, which took her 3hours24min and 1hour26min to complete. A third tomb required keys she didn’t have access to and so she couldn’t enter it.

Vickie got 9 of her wishes completed and collected a total of 100 ancient coins.

Our alcoholic bookworm gets herself a few originality points. 1 point for Maxwell’s spontaneous combustion – or more specifically the heroic save Vickie did. And 1 point for that random local couple making out on their front yard.”

“Next up Luna! Good luck you two!”

“Kylie stop fighting the locals!”

“Luna also finishes off with 2 tombs on her belt! Which took her 30min and 57min. She went ahead and wished to go into the tombs Vickie had already gotten. Luna’s a sly one.

She had a total of 6 wishes fulfilled and collected 115 ancient coins.

She gets 1 originality point for that gorgeous sunrise. Another 1 point, for that random lady calling our handsome bachelor trash. An extra 1 point had to be attributed when Luna found the magician lady performing in front of the pyramid. She also gains a 1 point for helping out the locals with their problems. Oh and…well 1 last point, because Maxwell wasn’t paying attention as one of the locals tried to put the charms on Luna. Busy on his phone! Maxwell you’re in Egypt!”

Maxwell: *mumbling* sorry

“Finally it’s Kylie’s turn! Use your time well!”

“And they are saved by the day ending and the plane leaving for home! Pfiou! That was a close one, the mummy almost got them. We’ve got to give 1 originality point right now for how you two managed to escape that.”

“Alright! Kylie only managed to do one tomb – the Great pyramid itself, which took her 23 hours. 3 of her wishes were fulfilled and she gathered a grand total of 479 ancient coins!

We’re going to give you 1 originality point for braving those traps. And 1 point for daring to critique some ancient Egyptian art.”

“Now let’s give out prizes!

Most money gained from finding objects

Vickie: 1377$ 10 points

Luna: 1240$ 5 points

Kylie: 6099$ 15 points


Most expensive artifact

Vickie: 405$ 10 points

Luna: 233$ 5 points

Kylie: 865$ 15 points


Most objects found

Vickie: 10 objects 5 points

Luna: 20 objects 10 points

Kylie: 24 objects 15 points


Most tombs visited

Vickie: 2 tombs 10 points

Luna: 2 tombs 10 points

Kylie: 1 tomb 5 points


Most wishes granted

Vickie: 9 wishes 15 points

Luna: 6 wishes 10 points

Kylie: 3 wishes 5 points


Most ancient coins gathered

Vickie: 100 coins 5 points

Luna: 115 coins 10 points

Kylie: 479 coins 15 points


Quickest time to finish a tomb

Vickie: 1hour36min 10 points

Luna: 30min 15 points

Kylie: 23hours 5 points


This, added to the total score gives us the following results!


Kylie 211.83

Vickie 193.28

Luna 181.68

“I think you know what your presence here means ladies. It’s the final sprint. Good luck.”


Vote for who you want to keep!

Episode 11 – Motherhood (Part 2)

“Welcome back to the continuation of this motherhood challenge! It’s 3am here and there are still 21 hours to go. In other words the challenge will end tomorrow morning at 12am!”

Just a quick reminder that Destiny managed to get herself a total of 11 points, Luna 3, Kylie 1, and Vickie -7.


We’re jumping right back in with Luna unlocking her dormant phantom point from last time. She gains a point!


Vickie doesn’t seem to understand that she loses points when she drinks…

Another -2 for Vickie!


Maxwell awkwardly hugs Kylie’s daughter, Kendra, while the women fight for the rocking chair. He earns Kylie a phantom point.

In case you were wondering, Kendra was not the winner of the cutest baby poll.


As revenge for stealing the rocking chair, Luna feeds Destiny’s child, Danny. Since she’s taking care of his vital needs she steals 2 phantom points from Destiny!

In case you were wondering, Danny was not the winner of the cutest baby poll.


Luna watches with glee as her plan succeeds.

Destiny activates her phantom points, which means she officially loses 2 points! She’s still in the lead though.


Destiny won’t let her advance be taken from so easily.

She tosses Kendra in the air and steals a phantom point from Kylie.


Little Kendra needs to be fed as well and Destiny jumps on the occasion!

Stealing 2 phantom points from Kylie this time.


Destiny got a little pissed when Maxwell winked at Vickie three times so she came to give a piece of her mind…activating her 3 phantom points in the process!

Meanwhile, Vickie heads off to lose 2 more points…


Maxwell, after being called a no-brained-ape, tried to flirt with Destiny.

She was pretty appalled by this, with good reason.


Maxwell apparently doesn’t harbor any ill feelings towards Destiny. He would’ve probably tried to chat more if somebody’s diaper hadn’t started to smell!

Maxwell changes Danny’s diaper, earning Destiny 2 phantom points.


Kylie decides to join in a little more and feeds Luna’s child, Luke, depleting Luna’s phantom points and lessening her own negative phantom points.

In case you were wondering, Luke was the one who won the cutest baby poll.


Okay Vickie.

I think you have a problem.



Destiny takes a break and reads a book



Luna puts Kendra to bed when she needed to sleep.

She steals 2 phantom points from Kylie!


Woah! Stop everything! It’s 8am here and Vickie stepped away from the bar to steal 1 phantom point from Luna!


Luna is quick to get her revenge. She gives Valerie a quick toss in the air and takes back her phantom point from Vickie.


Vickie gives up and downs another 2 points as Luna tickles herself another phantom point.


I think there was a little pity involved in Maxwell changing little Valerie’s diaper.

Since this is a vital need, Vickie gets herself 2 phantom points!


Vickie’s drink gets her ready to go!

She changes Luke’s diaper and steals 2 phantom points from Luna.


Luna’s busy!

Vickie sneaks in another interaction with Luke.


Vickie is on a path of self-destruction.



What’s this? Luna interacting with her own child??

That gains her a real official point!


Destiny flirts with the bachelor, activating her one phantom point.


Vickie needs to calm down!



Luna takes pity on poor Vickie and gives her a good luck charm.

It’s 12pm! There are 12 hours left to the challenge!


Vickie gloats about her found stars to cheer up Maxwell after having been brain-insulted by Luna.

She activates her 4 phantom points!


Unlike Luna, Destiny doesn’t pity Vickie, she’s in it for the win!

She feeds little Valerie the MOMENT she starts feeling puckish and steals 2 phantom points from Vickie.


Vickie can’t take the pressure and loses another 2 points.

Meanwhile, Luna stops insulting Maxwell and decides to flirt with him instead.


A tired Danny gets put to bed, and 2 phantom points are sent Destiny’s way.



Since all the girls are busy standing around, Maxwell helps Vickie’s phantom points by making cute little Valerie laugh.


Vickie attempts an attack!

But Luke wasn’t tired so she gains no phantom points.


Little Danny, who was attempting to sleep with his hat on, gets attacked by the tickle monster.

Maxwell buys Destiny what is clearly a much needed phantom point.


Vickie is more than done with the lack of video games in this nursery and openly complains about it to Maxwell.

She ends up activation her -1 phantom point.


Vickie, as the narrator, I highly suggest you look into rehab centers after this challenge…



Maxwell cannot seem to stop himself from bothering sleeping kids with the tickle monster.

Luna gets a phantom point!

The clock strikes 3pm! 9 hours left.


Destiny saves her own sleepy child from the floor and gets herself 2 official points!







Kylie sneaks in some romantic interactions with the bachelor while Destiny is distracted. Unfortunately, this activates Kylie’s -3 phantom points.

+1 for Destiny.


Alert the press!

Vickie reads a book and gains a point!


Luna pushes Kylie aside and activates a phantom point!


Kendra wakes up and Maxwell and Luna race to go give her some love!

Luna wins and steals a phantom point from Kylie.

The clock strikes 6pm and the countdown begins. 6 hours left.


With 5 hours left to the challenge, Destiny plays her turn and distracts her competition with a ghost story.


Maxwell feeds poor starving Kendra and gains 2 phantom points for Kylie!


Luna scoops up Luke and changes his diaper. She finds herself 2 points in the process!


Kylie on the other hand, changes little Valerie’s diaper and steals 2 phantom points from Vickie.

We’re down to 4 hours! A reminder that all phantom points at the end of the challenge are nulled, so cash them in quickly!


Vickie wastes no time in losing herself some last minute points.


There goes Destiny, napping 2 more phantom points Luna!


With just 3 hours left on the clock, Destiny continues to gather phantom points for one last big combo hit.


Vickie shares plus plus signs with Maxwell and activates her negative phantom points.


Luna gets her revenge and steals 2 phantom points from Destiny.


With 2 hours left, Destiny strikes back, taking a phantom point from Luna.

Meanwhile Maxwell and Vickie flirt.


Luna mooches 2 phantom points from Vickie.


Destiny is savagely accumulating phantom points, but there’s no point if she doesn’t cash them in!

Will she think of talking to Maxwell in the one hour she has left?


The three girls work together in an attempt to lessen Destiny’s phantom points!

45 min to go…



Challenge ends with a tickle monster for Valerie!

Phantom points are nulled!

The final tally is…

Destiny 17 points

Luna 8 points

Kylie -2 points

Vickie -23 points

Those points will be applied to their grand total. Before we head off to find who are the two ladies on the elimination block this time around, here are a few bonus pictures of the toddlers as children! The children will be left to roam in the house. 50% of the mother’s relationship with her child will be added to the grand total.

screenshot-56 screenshot-57 screenshot-58 screenshot-59

Now comes the hard part…


“Surprised to be on the couch even though you won the last challenge with a lot of points Destiny?”

Destiny: A little yes

“You actually have the lowest score of the four right now. You might have won the challenge, but your competition each got an extra 25 pts for their relationship with their child, whilst your relation with Danny is practically non-existent. In your haste to steal from your friends you neglected your own child…

Luna, Destiny, only one of you will survive tomorrow. You will still have the opportunity, per usual, to gain points in the morning – now by conversing with both the bachelor and your hypothetical child – and through the reader vote. Good luck.”


Kylie 118.19

Vickie 82.32

Luna 74.01

Destiny 68.38

Vote for who you want to keep!



Episode 10 – Motherhood (Part 1)



Maxwell: You couldn’t just leave.

Hazel: turns out I’m actually REALLY pissed I got kicked out D:<


7:15 am

“Oh my god Isa, those pancakes smell glorious.”

Isa: Do I get extra points?

“Sorry no.

Ok guys! Welcome back to another great morning! Since we’re down to 5 people, I’ve decided to up point opportunities for bonding time. Everyone will get 1 flirt from Maxwell this morning! Starting with the people with the least points. You get 1 flirt, but Maxwell will stay in case he or you feel like doing a little more ;). The moment one of you leaves, the interaction is over and Maxwell goes to the next one in line. And the line never ends, which means if Maxwell talks to all of you before 12pm, then he’ll start the line over again. Have fun 😀


Isa gets the first flirt!

Though she doesn’t seem that eager to reciprocate…


She runs off pretty quick so it’s already Destiny’s turn!

She also doesn’t seem open to flirts.


But she keeps Maxwell around with some friendly chatter.


He ends up autonomously flirting with her, and THIS time she finally feels in the mood.


Luna blindingly accepts his baby bicycle flirt.


Only to tell him to go clean up the house right afterwards.


Unsurprisingly, Vickie is very open to flirting.


But she got self-conscious and went to take a shower.

I mean ran to take a shower.


Maxwell found Kylie in the bathroom, a flirt was exchanged and…


Nothing more.

Destiny just won at a video game and felt the strong need to brag.


The line started up again! And this time Maxwell decided to exchange a few chats with Isa instead.

She walked away from him after that.


Destiny got in a good couple of interactions. It mostly revolved around her talking and Maxwell trying to flirt.


For some reason she never initiated a flirt herself…not that she ever refused one…


And we’ll finish this morning off with Vickie, once again, attempting to prematurely sit in the fancy bachelorette chair.


“*sighs* Here again. I’m really starting to despise these.

Let’s quickly finish this before I start crying. I actually have good relations with you guys!

Ahem, anyway. First survivor, with a huge 52.65 points is…”



Destiny: Never get bored of smelling flowers!

“Next with 31.34 points…”



Luna: Smell of victory…

“And that means, with 24.17 points…”


Maxwell: Guess this is the end.

Isa: Or is it?

Maxwell: Well for this challenge it is 🙂

Half an hour later…


“Ho ho ho, oh peeps. It’s a big one!

And by big, I mean this is a challenge that won’t only last this afternoon. It will go on for three days and it has a huge point possibility.

It’s a rather famous one…the baby challenge.

The rules are long and diverse so I’ll reveal them as we go along, but I will tell you the big ones.

Basically, in this challenge, you will all give birth to a hypothetical baby between you and our bachelor Maxwell. Your task will be to take care of your child to demonstrate how responsible and mature you are. Points will be given for different interactions, be they with your own or someone else’s child.


There is a bookcase in the room. If you desire to read, you’re more than welcome to and will actually be given 1 point each time you pick a book and read it.

It’s good to sit back and relax sometimes, when surrounded by stressful children.


Of course, if you were to relax with a small drink that would be another matter altogether. Drinking alcohol in presence of children is NOT recommended and you will lose 2 points for that. I know some of you will find this difficult considering you spent the majority of the dance challenge drinking, BUT I believe in you.

You have a duty to care of yourself. A bathroom and fridge have been provided, and your sleep will be taken care of magically/manually.

Also, once the babies are born Maxwell will be in the room to help out, and give you the chance to socialize.”


Let’s begin!


Ahem, well then. Everyone seems to be freaking out over Kylie’s birth…No worries it’s almost over.

And actually points are given to the first people who give birth! Of course, girls, pace yourselves, we want a healthy delivery.

Vickie: *wishes for a boy in the middle of the crisis*

Well then! This calls for 1 point to Kylie! Already thinking of her future child.


First kid born is Kylie’s! That’s 4 points for Kylie!

All kids will be named with the same letter as their parent to make it easier to identify.

She’s named Kendra. She got her mum’s hair and dad’s eyes 🙂


Next up is Vickie’s kid! That’s 3 points for Vickie!

Her name is Valerie. Got her dad’s hair, but her mum’s eyes.


And Luna’s kid! That’s 2 points for Luna!

His name is Luke. Pretty much everything from Luna.


And finally Destiny’s kid! That’s 1 point for Destiny!

His name is Danny and he looks like a mini Maxwell.


Alright! Maxwell is in the room, already wishing he was somewhere else.

The kids have been born and grown up!

Vickie and Kylie are already dominating the challenge points wise…

It’s time to officially begin! Show us what you’re made of ladies!


Valerie and Danny didn’t waste any time in finding something to keep themselves occupied while the adults talk amongst themselves.


Maxwell couldn’t resist, he found Luke and attacked him with a few tickles.

And thus we introduce phantom points. These are points Maxwell gathers on his own and which are available to the mother of the child interacted with. The only way she can receive these points is if she, on her own, begins a conversation with Maxwell. If Maxwell begins a conversation, she doesn’t get the phantom points. (important note: Phantom points are only present during the challenge. If a participant still has phantom points at the end of the challenge, the points are nulled)

Maxwell earns Luna 1 phantom point here.


Destiny also felt a motherly urge, but since her own son is busy playing she decided to attack Kendra with the tickles.

And thus we introduce the stealing of phantom points. By interacting with someone else’s baby a mother can gain a phantom point for herself (activatable by beginning a conversation with Maxwell) by taking a phantom point from someone.

In this case Destiny gains 1 phantom point, and Kylie loses 1 phantom point.

Sounds complicated don’t it? No worries.


Destiny the tickle thief strikes again!

This time stealing 1 phantom point from Vickie for tickling her daughter Valerie!


Having the family trait it’s not surprising Maxwell’s found another child to tickle, this time little Danny.

Destiny earns herself 1 phantom point again!


Destiny is in it for the win!

She steals yet another phantom point from Kylie!

Wait a moment…what’s that in the background?


Seems Vickie couldn’t hold out for long.

She downs a drink and downs -2 points.


Out of challenge context, it seems Kylie and Vickie formed a friendship!

That’s +1 for each 🙂


Having deposited their children in playpens, none of the adults are inclined to interact with them.

In consequence, both Destiny and Vickie find themselves a book and gain 1 point each for it!


Some people aren’t making very wise decisions.

Kylie loses 2 points for drinking!


Vickie initiates a conversation with Maxwell which unlocks her phantom points!

But oh oh, she has -1 phantom points, which means she loses 1 point!


Luna finds a book!

She gains 1 point!

*All playpens get deleted due to adults ignoring toddlers*


Destiny picks Valerie up and puts her in a crib!

But gets no points for it since Valerie had no sleepy moodlet.


Destiny realizes this and tosses Valerie into the air, mooching another phantom point from Vickie.


Vickie initiates a flirt with Maxwell, which means she activates her phantom points!

But unfortunately that means she loses 1 point again! Destiny strikes hard.


Kylie quite literally butts in and starts an interaction of her own which activates her phantom points.

But eep! This means she loses 2 points!


Vickie decides it’s time to play rough and she steals a phantom point from Luna by tickling Luke!


Vickie succumbs again…

She loses 2 points.


Luna finished her book. It’s time for some phantom points.

She steals one from Kylie.


Destiny seems to have it in for Vickie. She scoops Valerie up and steals another phantom point from Vickie while she’s in the shower.


Destiny also decides to feed the poor hungry child!

Any action that pertains to the needs of the toddler gives you 2 points! In this case, Destiny steals 2 phantom points from Vickie!

Of course all these points are useless if Destiny doesn’t cash them in.


She tops it all off by reading a book, gaining 1 point.

Destiny doesn’t have the family oriented trait – this is all her!


Vickie can’t take the heat.

She downs another 2 points.


Vickie activates her phantom points.

Things aren’t going so well for her, she loses 2 points.


Kylie picks up Kendra, her own kid, and gives her a quick toss in the air!

That’s 1 point for Kylie!


Destiny read a bad book and felt the need to complain about it to Maxwell. This in turn activates her phantom points.

Which means she cashes in 8 points!


Ever wonder what your parents do when you’re asleep?

Kylie and Vickie both lose 2 points.


Well then. Clock strikes 3am and most of the kids are tucked in.

Day 1 of this challenge can be concluded! This challenge will continue and end next time.

This means there is no elimination this time around! But there’s still a vote to be had…


Kylie 82.33

Destiny 69.93

Vickie 55.64

Luna 34.57


This vote is for the four little toddlers that were born today! The cutest of the cutest will earn their mother 4 points, the second cutest 3 points, the third 2 and the last one 1!

So vote for the cutest child!


Episode 9 – And then there were five…


“Pfiou! How’s everyone doing? How many of you got all your 8 hours of sleep? *raises hand*”

Maxwell: *yawns*

“Yes well, I’m sure you’re all quite tired from staying up so late dancing. Don’t worry, today won’t be too demanding. We’ll have our usual bonding time in the beforenoon, and then the elimination, and in the afternoon we have a small simple little challenge.

Since everyone is tired and a little slow this morning, and since you’re only 6, Maxwell is going to give everyone a chat interaction and the opportunity to continue interactions with him.

So get bonding everyone!”


Maxwell: Do you think you’ll manage to stay in the competition once again?

Hazel: Definitely! I’m pretty sure I won the reader vote 😀

Maxwell: I don’t think you should put all your hope in the votes. It’s mostly there to break ties.


Hazel: On the contrary what the readers think is pivotable! Or it should be! If they all vote for me, why should I not win?

Maxwell: >.<


Hazel’s lucky Maxwell doesn’t get his wishes fulfill during the beforenoon bonding session.


Maxwell: Cooking huh?

Isa: Well…I did hear a rumor that a cooking skill might be useful this afternoon…plus I’m starving.


Destiny: She’s a great host really, but her job is really simple.

Maxwell: Well she’s not here to babysit you guys.


Luna: Oh I have no doubt I’ll win. I’m making myself scarce right now. Everyone seems to have forgotten that I’m the only one who was on the chopping block once and managed to get off.

Maxwell: Being fourth was good in the beginning, but now you’re one of the last three. You might have to start switching to aggressive if you want to win.



Kylie: What?? Are you crazy??


Maxwell: Just don’t take it to Hazel’s level.

Luna: *snorts*


Vickie: I want to be a writer someday. If I win we should write a book together.

Maxwell: Well, I dunno about writing a book, but I’m sure I’ve got some good material for inspiration 🙂


Kylie: There’s no point making plans with everyone else, at this point it’s obvious who’s the winner 😉

Vickie: That’s what they said about me a few days ago. I’d watch your back Kylie.

“And with that time’s up! Moving on to the elimination…”


“I hope you girls are ready.

Without further ado, the first survivor with 21.77 points is…”



Next with 12.47 points…”



“Which means…with 8.88 points…”


Maxwell: End of the road hothead.

Hazel: Ah well, you weren’t really my type anyway Maxwell.

Maxwell: XD I figured


“On to today’s challenge then!

This one revolves around cooking. In this challenge everyone has varying amount of skills in cooking, which means that all the cooking skills you’ve accumulated so far while making food for yourself or others are kept!

You’ll be evaluated on the quality of your food. Below normal you lose a point, above normal you gain a point.

You’ll be given extra points if you learn another cooking skill while preparing your meal. If you reach level 1 you gain +1, if you reach level 2 you gain +2 and so on.

You’ll lose points if you choke while eating your meal! You need to pace yourself.

You can regain those points by cleaning up after yourself. If you put your plate in the dish washer you get +1, but if you use the sink you get +2.

Everyone will cook Mac and Cheese.

Good luck!


Let’s begin with Isa!


Isa levels up to lvl3!



Her Mac and Cheese is normal quality, so no points.


While she finishes eating up, it’s Destiny’s turn to make her meal.


Destiny levels up to lvl1!



There seems to be some traffic already.

Let’s see if Isa’s patience is high enough for that one extra point.


It is! That’s +1 for cleaning up.


Destiny finishes her meal, but gets no points for quality.


Luna begins cooking.


Luna levels up to lvl1!



Destiny gets +1 for cleaning up!


Destiny breaks the dishwasher!


She’s stuck repairing it. If she gets electrocuted she will lose points.

Vickie decides to come help clean up. Just in time, it’s her turn to cook.


Luna’s meal is normal, so no points.

But she loses a point for choking -1.


Vickie levels up to lvl1!



Because Destiny is busy repairing the dishwasher, Luna cleans her dish in the sink which gets her +2!


Vickie is done cooking and it’s Kylie’s turn now.


After some routing failures Vickie finally sits down to eat.

Her food is normal quality, so no points.


Kylie levels up to lvl2!



Oh oh, Vickie chokes!



Vickie gets up and decides she’s too cool to clean her dish!

Which means it’s a free point for anyone who cleans it up for her before the challenge ends!


Kylie finishes her meal with a normal quality.

No points.


Kylie ends up cleaning up both her and Vickie’s plates which gets her +2!

And that’s it…


“Well gals, you know what this means.

We’re down to the final five contestants and you guys are the last three. Good luck.”


Kylie 71.63

Vickie 54.04

Luna 30.08

Destiny 25.02

Isa 19.34


Three ladies up for elimination!

Vote for the one you want to keep!



Episode 8 – Dance with me

3:05 am

screenshot screenshot-2 screenshot-3

7:30 am


“Welcome back to another great day everyone! We’re already down to 7 contestants! We’ve passed the halfway mark.

Looks like you girls are ready to start the day, what with everyone being half an hour early!”


“How was your morning Maxwell?”

Maxwell: *painful groan* fine just fine I’m perfectly fine

“Well then I’ll leave you gals to socialize with Mr.I’m fine while I go prepare this afternoon’s event. If I were you I wouldn’t tire out too much ;)”


Destiny: Are you sure you’re okay? You looked a little queasy…

Maxwell: I’m fine really. But thanks for the concern 😀


Kylie: Yeah, he’s a tough guy. Whatever it is he’s got this right handsome *wink*

Destiny: *grumbling internally*


Hazel: Maybe you ate some jellyfish? I know it always makes me queasy when I eat jellyfish.

Maxwell: I don’t think that was it…


Luna: Maxwell, tell me, do you think I’ll win? Do you?

Maxwell: Well you’re certainly going about it the right way 😀


Vickie: *pushes luna aside* I really liked our dates, we should go grab a meal together again sometime.

Maxwell: If you win we will 🙂

Luna: But we just shared a flirt so I’m pretty much guaranteed to win.

“Wow! Morning is over, and almost everyone talked to Maxwell!”


“Yes. Almost. Niamh seemed to prefer yelling at Kylie.

And Niamh is up for elimination…tut tut…”


Maxwell: And before we head off to the elimination, I have a few freebie points I want to give away. I know this is a competition, but I really encourage that you gals make bonds. So for every friendship you establish, you’ll get a point.


Maxwell: And it makes me really happy to be able to give out points to Kylie and Destiny for becoming friends. +1 for each!


“Now that those points have been distributed…it’s time for the elimination girls.

I hope you’re ready.

So, the person with the most points, 19.83 to be exact is…”



The second with 12.85 is….”


“Isa! Congrats on living another round!

The third, and the one who won the reader vote with 12.25 is…”



And that means, with 11.10 points…”


Niamh: Ah shucks, but I was doing so well!

Maxwell: You’ve been stuck on the elimination block for a little while now…

Niamh: Yeah, but I kept surviving that had to mean something!

Maxwell: I don’t think this challenge was meant for you.

Niamh: Probably not. Ah well, I’ll see you around Maxwell 🙂

“Okay, challenge of the day is ready! Suit up ladies!”


“As it happens, it’s a Social Event!

Starting from now, 14pm, to 4am tomorrow, you’re all going to have the opportunity to work on your relationship with Maxwell!

After your first independent interaction with Maxwell, you get a slow dance with him. After your second, you get to karaoke a song together. And after your third you get a flirt. If you spontaneously ask Maxwell for a dance or to karaoke together, you get a special +1 point. If you step on Maxwell’s foot while dancing, you get -1 point (that means those who practiced dancing with the radio in the game room have an advantage). If Maxwell steps on your foot, you get apology flowers.

All wishes that Maxwell gets directed towards you girls will be fulfilled.

Your needs such as hunger and sleep and hygiene will be taken care of. But your need to pee will be up to you. There’s a bathroom here, I’m sure you can take care of yourself.”


“Have fun gals.

A Social Event is meant to increase your relationship with the bachelor. Don’t waste it!”


Hazel is the first one to interact with Maxwell!

To brag about her broom skills…


She gets her slow dance with Maxwell.


And steps on his foot. Ouch!



Hazel: You shouldn’t have put your foot in the way! It’s your fault!

Er, Hazel insults the bachelor, but this still counts as a second interaction.


She gets her song with him.


Isa sees insulting Maxwell works so she does the same.


She gets a slow dance for her first interaction.


Vickie comes over and compliments Maxwell’s dancing, hoping to get some of that action.


And she does!


Only to step on his toes XP



Some of the gals decide singing karaoke with each other is more fun.


Kylie swoops in for the kill, with a flirt for her first interaction.


Before Maxwell can slow dance with Kylie, Vickie gets her second interaction in.


Maxwell slow dances with Kylie first.

Luna doesn’t seem to be doing too good back there.


While they’re dancing Maxwell gets his first wish!

Wishes are a priority, so we’ll need to fulfill it before Vickie gets her song.


After several flirts to reach Friend status, the interaction finally pops up, and Maxwell gets his wish.


Only to wish for something more.

This one is going to have to wait though.


Vickie, a little tired of waiting, rushes over and gets her third interaction done.


They sing some karaoke…


And then Vickie gets her flirt.


Luna finally attacks and gets her first interaction out of the way.


She gets herself a slow dance.


And steps on his foot!



Kylie’s not done with him yet. She gets her second interaction done.


They enthusiastically sing some karaoke.


Maxwell squeezes in another kiss wish just as the Social Event ends.

Everyone is sent back to the main room except these two who keep autonomously flirting with each other.


And the first first kiss is shared!

Maxwell wished to do something else with Kylie, but the Social Event is finished so it won’t be fulfilled.


“Kylie really took it up today didn’t she gals? Don’t worry, there’ll be another Social Event. What you should worry about is the elimination. Since we’re down to 6 girls, only 3 of you will be up for elimination. And that’s you three.

Good luck.”


Kylie 64.97

Vickie 50.70

Luna 22.08

Destiny 19.27

Isa 10.66

Hazel 7.75

3 ladies up for elimination!

Vote for the one you want to keep!