Episode 3 – Race to the finish line!

3 am


Elise : I can’t sleep! T-T I’m so stressed out for tomorrow’s elimination.

Kylie: You mean today’s

Elise: Whatever. What are you doing up?


Kylie: Oh you know, admiring my future throne

Elise: >.>


Niamh: Hey guys, I can’t sleep either. WHAT IF I LOSE

Elise: I heard you were the one with the most votes for the poll 😡

Kylie: This is getting ridiculous it’s 3 am


Niamh: Hazel can be SO annoying sometimes with that hothead of hers!


Kylie: I was going to bed -_-



“Getting everyone seated this morning was EXCESSIVELY difficult! We’ve already lost 6 min. Hope you’ll be more awake for this morning’s bonding time! Get your heads in the game, especially you four: Luna, Niamh, Elise and Nikita. This is your last chance to grab some more points. Well off you go!”


Maxwell: Everyone seems to have better things to do than talk to me…Are you going to run away again?

Kylie: No! Of course not *bats eyes*


Kylie: *left to go to bathroom* Someone’s there already!

Maxwell: ….

Destiny: Come on Elise! You got this! Go get those points!

Elise: Okay!


Maxwell: *comes over on his own* What’s going on over here?

Destiny: Talk about timing

Elise: UH points yes?


Luna: What’s going on here, why wasn’t I invited?

Maxwell: This group conversation suddenly got real big.


Luna: Everyone is on him. 😦 I didn’t get a chance.


Bridgette: It’s your turn now Niamh! Hurry get in there!

Niamh: Okay! Let me just…gather up my courage…


Luna: How is it fair when the bachelor himself apparently has a favorite??

“Time’s up! Different people talked to Maxwell this time! Good job: Kylie, Elise and Destiny. It’s still not a lot, but better than nothing.”


“I’m surprised by you four. I expected you to put a little more effort into it. Nonetheless, it’s time to reveal who’s going home.

The top score of the four, with 3,8 is…”



Maxwell: Congrats! You get to stay!


Niamh: I’m allergic to these flowers! I can’t accept them!

Maxwell: OH….my bad

“Next up, with 2,3 points…”



Nikita: AH! Was that a bee??

Maxwell: Erm, yay! You get to stay?

“Third winner, with 1,5 points…”



Luna: No no no I can’t accept flowers! Not pink flowers!

Maxwell: This is really dampening my ego.

“And that leaves the last contestant, with 0,9 points…”


Maxwell: It’s a shame Elise. I would’ve liked to know you better.

Elise: Yeah…

Maxwell: Thanks for trying. Maybe I’ll see you around?

Elise: 😀 Who knows?

“With that, it’s already time for this afternoon’s Challenge.


“Which is a RACE! This is an obstacle course with several opportunities to gain points. For every obstacle you finish without chickening/be thrown out of, you get 1 point. First person to complete the obstacle course – no matter if they failed or succeeded the obstacles – get 3 points. Second place gets 2 points. And third place gets 1 point. That doesn’t mean skip all the obstacles! Put some effort in this ladies. Okay..ready..set..go!”


Isa hops onto the firewalker without any hesitation and speeds to the end of the first obstacle! +1


Niamh and Kylie do the same!


Bridgette, Corbin, Canary and Luna soon follow suit.

Nikita got burned however!


Hazel makes it to the end! Destiny and Vickie are the only ones left!


They make it through without much trouble 🙂

Bridgette gets a little burned in the process…


Next up is the riding bull obstacle! And Canary was already thrown off!

Screenshot-26 Screenshot-27

Kylie is the first to master the bull!


Niamh masters the bull! And Vickie has already rushed to the climbing wall!


Isa wins the second obstacle!


Vickie finishes the race! She gets +1 for finishing the last obstacle, and +3 for being first!


Destiny finishes second! That’s +1 and +2!


And Canary is third! That’s +1 and +1!


Everyone else manages to finish the last obstacle successfully except Luna unfortunately.

“And that’s the end of today’s challenge!”


It’s time to say good bye to Elise, thank you so much for her submission!

Hopefully she’ll have better luck elsewhere 😉

“That brings the bachelorette count to 11! Which also happens to bring us to tomorrow’s elimination.”


“You five have the lowest scores…I’m seeing some familiar faces here. Tut tut.”

Hazel: Vickie has an insane amount of points, it’s hardly fair, she should get some sort of penalty > 😦

“Most of those are her relationship points with Maxwell. Might want to look into that. I’m only taking 4 people for the elimination so…”


“Niamh you can go. You had a stellar performance today on the bull riding machine! You get a free pass out of this elimination.”

Niamh: Yes!


“As for you four, you know how to redeem yourselves. Let’s see if you two can survive the elimination again Nikita and Luna.

Good luck girls.”


Vickie 29.03

Kylie 9.40

Destiny 7.08

Isa 6

Canary 5.32

Corbin 4

Hazel 3

Niamh 3

Luna 1

Nikita 1

Bridgette 1


4 girls up for elimination!

Vote for the one you want to keep!


Episode 2 – Let’s start with a Tournament!


Hazel: Girls shut up, he’s here!

Maxwell: Sorry about the thought bubble. Something just smells weird in here.

Kylie: It’s Elise.

Elise: *grumble* Didn’t get the time to shower


“Girls, I present to you, your bachelor, Maxwell! Look at that, he got all dressed up for you gals. Oh don’t blush Max.

So, this is what we have on today’s menu! Right now till noon, you’ll have the chance to bond with Mr.Bachelor and start gaining some points. While you’re all chatting and having fun, I’ll be outside preparing this afternoon’s activity: A Tournament!

You’ll come to love the few tournaments we have for you, because this is when you have the opportunity to win yourself a date ;D. I’ll tell you guys more later. Have fun!”


*both girls get up at the same time*

Canary: What did I tell you about getting ahead of yourself!

Kylie: Nothing, I pretended not to hear you yesterday.

Maxwell: >_>


Maxwell:*autonomously flirts with Kylie*

Canary: Excuse me what


Kylie: Huh? *surprised*

Maxwell: I just really like your hair *awkward smile* *has the easily impressed trait*

Canary: I don’t understand, I’m right here.


Canary: Look at that, she ran off, but I would never do that to you. *flirts with Max*


Maxwell: I won’t deny that sounds more appealing.


Hazel: It’s not fair Isa! They’ve been flirting back and forth for an hour! There’s hardly anything left for us to chew!

Isa: Woah, Hazel! It’s just the first day!


Hazel: Oh, I see, let her think she’s got the advantage and then take the win from her…

Isa: Er

Hazel: I bet you he’s looking at me right now.

Isa: Actually he is, fancy that. Unless he’s looking at me of course.


Maxwell: I didn’t expect to be the one making all the first steps, but hi! You’re Vickie right? Do you like Mac and Cheese?

Vickie: Um it’s okay

Niamh: *gathering up courage to speak to him*

“Time’s up!”


“Well not too bad gals, some of you managed to rack up some pretty neat points. The fact that Maxwell had to be the one to go see you all on his own wasn’t superb, but it’s not like you ran away right after *cough* Kylie *cough*. Only Kylie, Canary and Vickie exchanged words with Maxwell though. You 9 others might want to step up tomorrow morning.”

“Anyway, take this next hour to freshen up, eat, take care of your needs, and then we’ll get to the tournament.”


“Today’s Tournament is a beer pong challenge! And it’s a point fest! Each victory gets you a point! This is also a safe room: anything that could prevent you from being unable to participate disappears (i.e. need to pee, eat, etc).

Everyone has been paired up according to points. The 6 losers of the first round will be sent back to the main area. The remaining six will continue to battle until only one is left. The winner gets a date with Maxwell tonight!”




Kylie: Please stop being goofy you guys, I’m trying to concentrate and win here.


Corbin wins against Nikita!

Corbin gains a point and stays till the next round.


Destiny wins!

Niamh’s participation in this event is over.


Hazel wins!

Hazel: Like I’d lose!


Bridgette wins!

Elise: My wrist’s been feeling a little wonky.


Isa wins!

Isa: Aw yeah


Vickie wins!

Canary: All this sweat for nothing!


Round two begins!

Bridgette: I can’t concentrate, Corbin smells!


Destiny loses!

Vickie wins herself another point and heads for the next round!


Isa wins!

Bridgette goes back to the main room.


Corbin wins!

Hazel: I didn’t see it coming.


Third round!

Corbin vs Isa. Winner goes against Vickie since she won first.


Isa: And of course, I win!

Corbin goes back to main room and Isa earns herself a point.


It’s the final battle! Vickie vs Isa!

And the judges are taking this very seriously.


It’s a close battle, with the girls busting out some pretty neat moves.


It was an incredibly close game, but Vickie wins by one point!

Vickie not only earns herself yet another point, but also a date with Maxwell!


“This isn’t good girls. You five have the lowest scores of the 12, and there’s an elimination tomorrow.”


“Bridgette you won the first round of the Tournament today, so you get a free pass out of this elimination. But your points are still in the red so be careful.”

Bridgette: Oh god thank you, I’m starving!


“You four, however, I’m sorry, but tomorrow one of you will have to go. It’s harsh and it sucks cause we just started the challenge, but someone has to be first.

You’ll have two ways to redeem yourselves.

  1. The vote that will happen at the end of today, after Vickie and Maxwell’s date.
  2. And tomorrow morning, when it’s bonding time.

Rack up as many points as you girls can! And you just might survive tomorrow’s elimination.”



Maxwell took the daredevil bookworm out to the library, where they set up a picnic inside.

They ate and chatted.


They got an odd visitor at some point, but the two didn’t really seem to notice the old fairy’s presence.

Date rules are:

A meal + chatting

Three flirts from Maxwell

And any wish Maxwell has for his date will be fulfilled until the date ends

Date starts at 5pm and ends at 8:30pm


Vickie got her three flirts, told Maxwell a ghost story, and that was it. Maxwell didn’t make any wishes for her.


Vickie 25.03

Isa 3

Canary 2.32

Kylie 2.08

Corbin 2

Hazel 1

Destiny 1




Bridgette -1

Elise -2


We have 4 ladies up for elimination!

Vote for who you want to keep!


Episode 1 – It begins

“One house

Screenshot Screenshot-2

Two bathrooms


One playroom


One kitchen


One huge bedroom


One bachelorette throne

And 12 bachelorettes


Hazel, Luna, Elise


Corbin, Bridgette, Destiny


Kylie, Nikita, Vickie


Niamh, Canary and Isa.

And then there is I, your host!”


“Blams felt bad for not giving me enough (see none at all) screen time in Light the Way to Heaven, so I get to host this party! A party to determine who will be the lucky lady who will get to sit in the Bachelorette Throne!”


“The Bachelor himself is absent today – he’s needed on the Light the way to Heaven set. Which is perfect. Just us thirteen and the rules.

This challenge is rather simple, follow the rules and you’ll be fine. Everything you do will be noted down in the form of points. The girl with the most points wins.

So, if you wet yourself, pass out, insult me, flirt with me, cause a fire or die, you will most definitely lose points. I’m sure you can understand why. It’s not what our bachelor is looking for in a lady.”


“Every day will begin with a bonding moment. Our bachelor will come visit you and it’ll be the time to build those relationship points, which of course will be critical to your victory. In the afternoon there will be either a Challenge, Social Event or Tournament. All of which are opportunities to gain points.

After every afternoon event, there will be an elimination the next day at 12, after the beforenoon bonding time. You have until then to appeal to the viewers to rack in some extra points for the voting poll.”


“There will be no challenge today ladies. Take today to get to know who your rivals are and to get acquainted with your new home. Try not to start losing points too soon. I’ll just be over here if you need me.”



“Er well okay. I’ll just go read a book then. You guys stay there and just…sit I guess. >_>”


Hazel: If no one else does guess I’ll make the first step.

Elise: I like the deco


Destiny : Looks like all the final contestants are standing up.

Nikita: Don’t get ahead of yourself. We just don’t want to start cheering over the rug like you three.


Niamh: Rugs? Bah, doors are what’s cool! Ooh I like the fact that this frame is missing a door!


Luna: Ahh! An arcade machine! Yas!! I’m going to love it here!


Hazel: Kylie, Kylie come here – ignore my hat piercing your skull – I have a secret to tell you. I’ll probably win.

Kylie: 😡

Destiny: Haha good one


Luna: T_T

Destiny: Ooh I love this gimmick! I used to have this game at home you know.

Luna: I was fine with the arcade on my own.


Bridgette&Elise: *make funny faces at each other*

Kylie: I already have a negative relationship with you.

Hazel: I thought you were going to like that secret.


Vickie: Sooo where do you come from?

Luna: It’s not that I don’t like people – I was just REALLY fine here alone.


Niamh: Ahhhhh sinks everywhere! And nobody’s checking them! They’re going to have thank me for saving them later.


Elise: Watch this! *noms dirt*

Bridgette: I…where did you get the dirt from!?

Elise: Pwot of pwant


Isa: Don’t mind me, I’ll just watch tv. Standing up.

“Sounds good.”


Niamh: I just saved your asses. You guys owe me.

Corbin: Thanks. I guess?

Kylie: Good thing you were here Niamh.

Hazel: When did I get kicked out of the conversation.


Corbin: I should work out. I bet you there’s going to be some kind of physical challenge.

Hazel: And I’ll work on a few spells. There weren’t any rules against using magic 😉


Bridgette: There are way too many people in this tiny space! Starting with Isa who’s blocking the bookcase!

Canary: Look Vickie! I’m so good at this game! Ah yeah!

Vickie: I can’t decide – should I start another book? That last story was fascinating.


Corbin: Who closed the lights

Destiny: They were three on the bridge, three vampires, all of which could easily be called a murderer…

Hazel: Ah but that one vampire isn’t as bad as the others!

Elise: Yeah! He’ll come out of this alive right??

Isa: Obviously, he’s the most powerful!

Niamh: Why can’t anyone scoot over, this isn’t fair.

Luna: So is anyone taking care of lunch?


Hazel: I just don’t understand why they cut me out of the conversation before!

Elise: I don’t know! Why are you yelling at me??

Hazel: Cause you’re the nearest person around!

Elise: *rolls eyes*


He cradled her in his arms, but it was already too late, she’d lost too much blood”

Isa: Wow did that really happen host?

“Well I guess technically it hasn’t yet.”


Kylie: I can just imagine sitting in that throne…it’s my color too.


Canary: Woah woah girl. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here!

Kylie: I wasn’t doing anything!

Canary: I think you should step away from the throne.


“Yeah I’d take care of your needs guys. We’re not helping you out, and whatever happens, you guys are going to be here tomorrow at 8am. It’d suck to wet yourself in front of everyone.”

Luna: I’m calling the bathroom!


“I hope that’s not me you’re pointing at.”

Canary: I’m just practicing for when we meet the man tomorrow!


Bridgette: Ahh no! I was going to pee, but then everyone was going and then I forgot and AHH

“Someone’s already lost points!”


“Elise, not you too!”

Elise: But I made food for everyone! This isn’t fair 😦


Destiny: Staying up past midnight – those girls are going to be tiiirreeed tomorrow! But not me 🙂


Corbin: ENOUGH! I was here first! I get the salad first!

Kylie&Niamh: Oh god

Vickie: That went downhill quickly.


Niamh: I can’t – the emotion – it’s too much!

Luna: Oh Niamh….do you need help getting up?


Bridgette: I’ll make up for my point loss. I’ll be the one who smells the sweetest tomorrow!


“And thus, everyone went to sleep, having all found a bed – except Bridgette – and all quite anxious to officially meet the Bachelor, in just 3 hours time…”












Bridgette -2

Elise -2